Mess made of op shop bins

A recent spate of people dumping unusable items and rifling through bins at the Unity Hill Op Shop has caused volunteers to speak out about the city-wide issue.

Ruth Sheldon has volunteered at the op shop for five or six years and said she never anticipated the amount of unusable donations and rubbish that gets dumped at their site on Lebrun Street.

"It's happening more frequently it seems now," she said.

Mrs Sheldon said the op shop had a modified rubbish bin to stop the lid from being lifted, and it was always padlocked but was broken into on December 1 when someone pulled out the unusable clothes onto the ground.

"If people are desperate for clothes, we will help them," she said.

Adding to volunteers' frustration over the recent thefts is the dumping of unusable goods that they have to throw out, such as fridges, large furniture, broken toys, and dirty or worn clothes.

"We try to recycle as much as we can," said Mrs Sheldon.

"As we say it's heartbreaking, we put in so many hours and the amount of stuff that we have to throw's beyond us.

"We clear the donation bin on the weekend at least six times to avoid coming here on Monday morning and seeing stuff everywhere.

"It's in the interest of people to allow us to make the most (money) we can...we give back to the community every year from our profits to charity."

Mrs Sheldon said she did however want to thank those that donated clean, resaleable goods.

She suggested a council kerbside collection for broken or old furniture might help the problem.