No night cricket under lights at Ravendale

The South Australian Cricket Association is working with Port Lincoln Cricket Association and Port Lincoln City Council to look at options for night cricket in Port Lincoln following the postponement of Twenty20 finals.

The cricket association announced in early November the semi finals for the Port Lincoln T20 competition due to Cricket Australia's insurance policy.

SACA northwest country cricket manager Peter Brown said the issue stemmed from the lights at Ravendale Sporting Complex not being bright enough to meet the safety standard of playing night cricket, set out in Cricket Australia's infrastructure guidelines last updated in 2016.

He said it was brought to attention during discussions on the Ravendale pitch upgrades between SACA, the association and the council when the attention turned to night cricket being played.

Mr Brown said the option of starting games at 5.30pm on weeknights was discussed.

"The lights are not up to standard so insurance doesn't cover injury if (night) games are played," he said.

Games were rescheduled for Sundays during the day at Centenary Oval, with the semi final between Tasman and Wayback taking place on November 24 and the remaining semi final between Charlton and Southern Eyre South taking place this Sunday.

Mr Brown said there would be ongoing conversations to look at enabling night cricket in Port Lincoln.

"SACA is working with the association and Port Lincoln City Council to try and enable cricket to be played at night in hot conditions, whether it be at Ravendale or Centenary," he said.

"Our obligation is to ensure the safety of players in the competition so we can't endorse night cricket unless the lighting infrastructure meets the requirements."