Plans change to help keep shacks

PROPOSED changes to the Parks of the Coffin Bay Area Management Plan, aimed at helping families retain shacks in the area, have been put to the public for feedback.

The amendments to the management plan, which incorporates the Kellidie Bay Conservation Park, will help the process for people named on shack leases in national parks to be eligible to pass their shack lease onto family members or others with an interest.

The Coffin Bay Area plan states existing lease holders will be granted life tenure for shacks in the park and once the lease expires the shacks will be handed back to government.

However amending the management plans will mean two shack sites near the north western end of the Kellidie Bay Conservation Park will be able to be managed under lease with conditions.

Those conditions will require lessees to upgrade shacks to meet contemporary safety, amenity and environmental standards.

Environment and Water Minister David Speirs said the proposed amendments would facilitate the retention of 85 shacks around the state.

"Shacks have been part of South Australian life for more than a century and are also important to regional economies," Mr Speirs said.

"Many shacks have been held by the same family for generations, who have a strong connection to the local area, and a desire to be good environmental stewards.

"Amending these national park management plans is one step in a process towards realising the Marshall Liberal Government's commitment to retaining shacks as part of vibrant holiday communities."

To provide feedback on the proposed park management plan amendments visit the YourSAy website

Consultation closes on February 28 at 5pm.

In April 2018, the State Government issued a moratorium to prevent the ongoing removal of shacks upon the death of the last-named lessee.

A Preliminary Discussion Paper was released in June 2019 and detailed the need for legislative change, in addition to the proposed changes to the park management plans, associated with the retaining shacks commitment.