Fire near Ungarra

10.30pm Sunday December 8

The fire is under control.

12.30pm Sunday December 8

Crews are still on site of the fire near Ungarra.

Tumby Bay, Ungarra, Butler and Port Neill CFS appliances are spreading out the smouldering hay after it caught alight yesterday to help extinguish it and any spot fires.

5.45pm Saturday December 7

Two CFS trucks are on site of a stubble and grass fire near Ungarra.

Firefighters using retardant on the smouldering hay

The fire was first reported at 4.15pm on Saturday December 7.

Lipson and Ungarra CFS appliances remain on site of the fire.

The grass fire reached some haystacks and is causing a lot of smoke in the area, however there is no threat to the public or other property.