Still no GM certainty for growers

The state government's second go at lifting the genetically modified crop moratorium on mainland South Australia (this time on January 1) would have been welcomed by local growers - if it was not virtually inevitable that it will be voted down when parliament sits again in February.

Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development Tim Whetstone has said the aim of introducing the regulations to come into effect on January 1 is to allow farmers to make decisions for the upcoming 2020 season.

However with the strong possibility the regulatory changes will be overturned in February, as they were in late November, the reality is growers are unlikely to be rushing into any changes to their plans for next year's crops.

While it seems strange the government would reintroduce regulations that have already been overturned by parliament once, but after the failure of legislation aimed at achieving the same outcome, revisiting the regulatory changes could be the government's way of telling farmers they are still trying.

And if it does actually lead to some farmers buying GM seed for 2020 this could put more pressure on other parties not to vote to disallow the regulations.

Farewell and thank you

As well as being the last editorial for 2019, this will also be my last editorial for the Port Lincoln Times. Regional newspapers like the Times play an important role in their local communities - not only telling local people's stories but providing an historical record for the community - and I am proud to have been a part of that over the past 15 years.

There has been a lot of change in the media industry in recent years and there will no doubt be more to come but our team of local journalists will continue to do what they have always done, share the stories that are important to our region.

Billie Harrison, editor