Drilling the Bight - what is in it for us?

With the announcement that Equinor has passed the test for environmental standards, my mind has been quite busy.

I have, for a long time now, watched the debate rage; people in plastic canoes protesting against oil, people with houses to rent or other interests providing a dollar return, both sides at opposite ends of the scale.

I have never seen the logic being followed to approve the project and here is why.

1) The exploration is to be undertaken by a foreign company with no allegiance to Australia. They will likely not create any, or very minimal, local (Australian) employment, directly, or indirectly.

2) While I recognise the exploration licence is quite separate to an extraction licence, both are going to give us point one in economic and social gain.

3) Should oil be found and then extracted, the product will be shipped directly offshore for processing. Most jobs will be filled by existing employees. A small benefit may be seen in the supply of consumables but minute.

Therefore, my view of the whole thing is, what's in it for Australia and Australians? Nothing! A risk analysis would clearly demonstrate the risks far outweigh the benefits.

Unless we can value-add to the product, with Australian workers, in Australian owned facilities, to get a product for Australian use, it will be a huge scam from day one.

Like African swine fever, let's stop it before it gets here. Now I sound really radical, take it as you may!



Council should live within its means

Am I the only one in Port Lincoln or are there others struggling to pay our ever increasing council rates?

I hear they are due for yet another increase in the vicinity of 3.4 per cent in the new financial year.

I wish our council would learn to live within the current rates rather than putting them up all the time to cover their expenditure.

As my father used to tell us kids all the time, you can't drive a Rolls Royce on a Ford income, which is what our council is constantly trying to do.

The last thing I want anyone to have to do is sell up and live on the streets but I feel that is where it is heading.

I wonder what council would do if we decided not to pay our rates at all.

They can't throw us all in jail, and to make matters worse if you are a few days late they fine you.

I was always under the impression that no matter what the bill you had 14 days' grace beyond the last day to pay but not our council.

Not everyone can pull $400+ out of their back pocket every quarter, especially if you are a single pensioner.

And what happened to the concession? That flew out the window too.


Port Lincoln


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Community corner notices


Dockings Band to play for dancing on January 11 at Port Lincoln Anglican Parish Hall at 8pm. Shared supper. All welcome.


Free, two-day Chinese Lantern making workshops for Tunarama Chinese New Year Parade. Nautilus media room, 9am to 5pm, January 13-17. Contact Tunarama 0417 373 249. Limited places.


Acoustic music, Boston House, 8pm January 11. All Welcome.


Members, there will not be any garden visit on February 14.


The AGM of the RSL Port Lincoln Sub-Branch will be held at 2pm on January 10 at the RSL Hall, 2 Hallett Place. All financial service members are requested to attend.