Efforts on events rewarded

IT is such great news to hear the Christmas and New Year's events were a success.

The events seemed to have achieved what was intended, to get people shopping and dining locally and bringing the community together to celebrate the festive season.

This new approach to the Christmas and New Year's festivities was supported by the Port Lincoln City Council in partnership with the Port Lincoln Chamber of Commerce and Tourism to connect the community.

The success of the celebrations has proved the demand which hopefully means more support for them in the years to come.

At the pageant children and families were packed in along Tasman Terrace - Port Lincoln's first in decades - and the effort community members and organisations put in on floats has to be mentioned.

The New Year's Eve fireworks and markets also seemed to have worked well with the city's hotels and New Year events busy and booked out.

Now that these previously only talked about events have taken place and proved popular with the community it will be exciting to watch them grow.

And while the events proved popular with locals this year, they will no doubt become a draw card for tourists as well.

Hopefully more local businesses will jump on board and do things like give out bags at the pageant for kids to collect their lollies in.

There are countless opportunities wrapped up in these events, especially for local businesses, so hopefully things like sponsorship and participation in the pageant will also grow over time.

Of course these things would never have happened without the partnership of the Port Lincoln City Council and the chamber to begin with.

The chamber also needs to be congratulated for putting its hand up to follow through on something the community has been asking for for a while now.