Sanctuary an asset to Eyre Peninsula

I was visiting Port Lincoln and came across what I think was called Sanctuary on Eyre - wow.

How much benefit that could have been during the bushfires.

I know they have great resources available to them for the care of all animals and a project for the care of people, especially during disasters.

I was wondering if they finally got some land so they could operate at full capacity?

This Eyre Peninsula project could be a great pilot program to go around Australia.

Imagine the benefit to communities!

The poor bush fire victims could certainly do with the care they could provide. It's a shame all communities don't have a sanctuary like this.


Bulahdelah, NSW

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Lower Eyre artist Susan Tingay won at Port Lincoln Art Prize.

Congratulations to all the winners and also to all the other contributors.


Congratulations Sue and other winners.


Congratulations Sue. A beautiful painting.


Malcolm Schluter decided to move on after nearly 20 years of living on the Lower Eyre Peninsula and managing Nyroca Scout Camp.

You did a great job at Nyroca Malcolm. You turned it from a basic bush camp to a place that will be special to Eyre Peninsula. Thanks for your dedication to Nyroca.


Malcolm you have made Nyroca into one of Lower Eyre Peninsula's best-kept secrets. Wishing you and Janet all the best in your new life.


Lake Wangary School was the first recipient of grant money from Calypso Star Charters' environment fund for their native revegetation program.

Thanks Kerryn and Calypso Star, a valued part of our education program at Lake Wangary.


I love this school. Great work all.


LOOKING BACK: Weighbridge and Flinders Creamery

LOOKING BACK: Frank Mart's Weighbridge and the Flinders Creamery on the corner of Lincoln and Flinders Highway.

LOOKING BACK: Frank Mart's Weighbridge and the Flinders Creamery on the corner of Lincoln and Flinders Highway.

Today's KFC corner used to look like this.

Frank Mart's Weighbridge and the Flinders Creamery were once located on the corner of the Lincoln and Flinders Highway.

Although at the time it was used as both a petrol station and a weighbridge, which can be seen in the left of the photograph, noting the truck with a shark on it's tray, Frank Mart's Weighbridge eventually became the site of a Dunlop tires business before being demolished. In it's place a Golden Chicken Shop was built, which was then taken over by KFC.

The second building next to the weighbridge, identified by their sign marked 'Flinders Creamery', would later be occupied by the Port Lincoln Food Warehouse after it's closure.

Further along in the photograph, to the corner of Hallett place, the Agricultural Hall can be seen in the distance, the location which is better known now as the entrance to Centenary Oval.

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