Local sailors enjoy holiday regattas

TEAM: Kate Morley and Deanna Henderson in Squabble.

TEAM: Kate Morley and Deanna Henderson in Squabble.

Local sailors participated in several regattas over the holiday period.

Max Sturman and Ben Gabb finished 14th overall in the International Cadets out of 50 plus boats.

However they unfortunately narrowly missed out on selection for the world titles.

The 125s sailed at the 43rd Australian Championships in Port Lincoln.

Coffin Bay sailor Tim Ashman and Daisy Barry finished eighth overall in Pirates of Coffin Bay.

Jessica and Michelle De la Perelle finished 11th in A Little Madness and Henry and Murray Cordell finished 17th in MK2.

Peter and Caleb Henderson finished second overall and took out the Masters title in Carnivore.

Junior sailing this weekend only saw two participants arrive and both had considerable time on the water to hone their skills.

Afternoon racing for the seniors saw four 125s and two Herons front up for racing.

Bas and James Carr sailed Osprey together for the first time finishing several minutes behind the more regular sailors of Darryl King and Sue Tingay in Money Muncher.

Carnivore set a high standard early and set up a commanding lead.

This left an interesting duel for second place with Max and Larissa in PlayStation keeping out Tim and Monica in Pirates of Coffin Bay to take out second for the day.

Kate Morley and Deanna Henderson completed their first race together without any mishaps.

Senior sailing next week sees the boats sailing outside of the bay to compete in the Marathon race.

The Marathon race will start mid morning.

Junior sailing will be on hold this Sunday.



First: Money Muncher (Darryl King/Sue Tingay) 1:23:41; second: Osprey (Bas and James Carr) 1:33:58


First: Carnivore (Peter and Caleb Henderson) 1:25:18; second: PlayStation (Max Sturman/Larissa Sporer) 1:32:27; third: Pirates of Coffin Bay (Tim Ashman/Monica Jenkins) 1:33:22; fourth: Squabble (Kate Morley/Deanna Henderson) 1:45:52.