No excuses for acts of vandalism

Port Lincoln Junior Primary School has been trashed by vandals of the Christmas/summer holidays.

The school has been attacked by vandals up to six times dating back to before Christmas and quite rightly the staff there are disappointed and no doubt a little angry.

Local schools are an important part of our communities but they are not public spaces to be used outside of school terms and times.

The vandals over the break have done thousands of dollars worth of damage, they have ripped apart fences (pictured), smashed glass and windows and damaged classrooms. The physical damage aside, the vandalism also has an affect on how teachers and students view their school.

Schools are workplaces and teachers often put a lot of time and effort into preparing them for the school year and a lot of time packing and tidying them up at the end.

We can all only imagine how deflating and disappointing it must be for staff to have to deal with these incidents during their break and when returning to work.

Entering the school out of term and school hours and then trashing classrooms and buildings shows a level of disrespect that is as shocking as it is disgusting.

Students should also feel safe attending school and this behaviour makes that a little more difficult for some children.

Thankfully the police have made some arrests for the most recent incident, but it is a bitter sweet moment as those responsible are just kids themselves.

The location of the school in the heart of the central business district does mean it is more easily accessible so perhaps that has got something to do with why it was targeted.

But there really are no excuses. This sort of criminal behaviour, by teenagers no less, is just not good enough.