Community deserving of funds

It is great to hear Mentally Fit EP is continuing to make waves in our community, with the recent announcement from the Fay Fuller Foundation the township of Cummins has been shortlisted for potentially 10 years of funding for mental health strategies (Page 3).

Two towns in the state are up for $3 million from the foundation, which could go so far for isolated communities.

It comes as no surprise to hear the team at West Coast Youth and Mentally Fit EP are wasting no time in getting started on their action plan.

With $45,000 over the next nine months the town will develop an action plan, with community consultation to take place not just in the town but in 10 surrounding districts that use Cummins for different services.

It was certainly a smart decision to name these districts in the original application, as Mentally Fit EP's work does not stop at the edge of the town - it stretches far and wide across the Lower Eyre Peninsula.

Another smart decision from the Mentally Fit EP team was the idea to create two action plans - one if they receive the funding and one if they do not.

I have no doubt the town of Cummins will come leaps and bounds over the next nine months and certainly in the next ten years - whether the funds are received or not.

$300,000 every year for ten years, however, could go so far in our little farming communities to help us identify and fix gaps where we see people struggling.

That is why it is also great to hear that Kimba and Ceduna also took placings in the shortlist, with their stories covered by the Eyre Peninsula Tribune and West Coast Sentinel.

What a wonderful thing to see three out of the six towns across the state from the Eyre Peninsula - it is truly telling that we are doing everything in our power to tackle issues like mental health that affect us the most.