Tuna Toss heats | Tunarama 2020

The main event for Saturday was the Tuna Toss heats, drawing a large crowd of spectators in the afternoon.

Thirty-one women and 33 men entered the competition to try their shot at the $1000 prize by throwing a tuna the furthest.

The top 10 men and women were selected to play off in the finals tomorrow, Sunday January 26 at 3pm.

Top 10 finalists women

  • Althea Mackie, 9.7m
  • Yane Keitski, 8.35m
  • Soraya Proude, 8.3m
  • Siena Reynolds, 6.35m
  • Jessica Smith, 5.94m
  • Claire Stanley, 5.93m
  • Sam Davies, 5.6m
  • Sam Petnz, 5.48m
  • Laura Ditty, 5.3m
  • Natasha Sayers, 4.85m

Top 10 finalists men

  • Timothy Heyes, 17.2m
  • Lloyd Carr, 16.6m
  • Jack Riley, 13.8m
  • Patrick Keane, 13.1m
  • Carlo Cantini, 11.38m
  • Jay Ljuna, 10.9m
  • Tyson Brennan, 10.8m
  • Gabe Mayland, 10m
  • Ben Gannon, 9.5m
  • Peter Osborn, 9.15m