Salmon Toss heats | Tunarama 2020

The heats of the 2020 Salmon Toss at Tunarama were well contested with a field of 18 girls and 28 boys aged 11 to 15 competing on Saturday to toss the salmon as far as they could.

The ten girls and boys who scored the furthest distance from their one throw, without stepping over the line qualified for the final the following day.

The event was sponsored by Telstra Store Port Lincoln.

Full event results are below with corresponding photos of each entrant in the gallery above.



Skye Keane 10.23m (3)

Zoe Proude 15.2m (1)

Charlotte Ljuna 3.46m

Chelsea McAdams 6.79m (7)

Paige Cooke 5.35m

Maddi Fox 4.85m

Gloria Zou 8.39m (6)

Victoria Zou foul

Ruby King 6.39m (8)

Molly Dwyer 10.99m (2)

Tess Murray 3.49m

Summer MacKay 4.59m

Kimberly Parrington 6.21m (10)

Seitaya Amper-Hunter 5.1m

Grace Murray 9.5m (5)

Maycee Murray 6.34m (9)

Layshah Cook 5.42m

Taylah Liffner 10.14m (4)


Taylor Linsell 3.79m

Jarod Staunton 11.15m (10)

Jaxon Millard 7.49m

Bailey Pfeiffer 16.14m (3)

Billy Higgins 13.2m (7)

James Calliss 18.7m (1)

Ethan Cooke foul

Ryder Carey 15.07m (5)

Phoenix Whillas foul

Conner Stutzer 18.05m (2)

Jack Davies 4.4m

Edward Kutny 7.6m

Luke Penna 11.55m (9)

Jai Rough-Bey 12.95m (8)

Issac Battams 13.9m (6)

Keith Osborn 5.82m

Kester Jacobs 1.8m

Henry Cordell 15.82m (4)

Albert Cordell foul

Chase MacKay 9.5m

Jacob Keenan 8.99m

Fletcher Jordison 6.28m

Jarrah Reidy foul

Samuel Chamberlain 6.18m

Hudson Saunders 6.44m

Lucas Blight 7.6m

Jayden Reid 8.57m

William Turner foul