Napandee chosen as radioactive waste site

Facility will be a lifeline

What awesome news to wake up to on Saturday morning that Jeff and Jenny Baldock's Napandee property has been approved to host the National Radioactive Waste Management Facility.

I would like to thank Jeff and Jenny and also Brett and Michelle Rayner and their families for their selfless acts of nominating their properties for selection.

These nominations were made after gaining relevant facts on the safety of the facility and the effects it will have on the town and its farming industry.

We have all since been very adequately educated on this facility, with many of us also lucky enough to tour the Lucas Heights facility.

The nuclear medicine industry and its associated waste is highly regulated and I along with nearly 2/3 of Kimba's population felt sufficiently confident that this was a safe proposal that was going to have zero negative effects on our farming industry and many positive effects on our towns ongoing sustainability, therefore voting yes in the recent vote.

I was born in Kimba 50 years ago and have married and raised three children here.

I have watched and lived through the slow demise of our town and its facilities, with declining population, businesses closing, struggling farms sold, multiple houses on the market and very limited opportunities for our young people.

The opportunity the NRWMF will bring is a timely lifeline for our town and I am excited for our future and what this facility will bring.

My hopes now are that we can all come together, make sure that we are all supporting our local businesses, embrace this wonderful opportunity and move forward as the outstanding community that we are.



We're working for Kimba's future too

Five years of saying NO has not been easy.

Saying no means putting on negative shoes every step going forward comes with its challenges and fears, but we continue though to take steps to fight against a nuclear waste facility in our beloved town of Kimba.

We fight for our future and childrens', because we actually love what we know Kimba to be.

We continue to support local sporting clubs, businesses, banks, health services, school.

We are grateful and blessed for all our town currently has to offer and battle because we want to see it remain that way.

We are working towards a bright future for Kimba too, those who say no to a nuclear waste facility are simply saying the picture of our towns future just does NOT have such a facility in it.

We do this without the financial, physical and emotional support of local, state and federal government. To stand up alone in a confronting, intimidating stressful situation is not easy. Our community should be proud of what we have been able to achieve time and time again before we were thrown into this.

Kimba used to pride itself on how well we combined to collaborate proactively towards projects that required hard work, volunteer commitment and always with a strong passion together.

Being handed a lump sum of dollars loses that sense of satisfaction and pride of what a community can achieve alone.

A community sporting club built with many volunteer hours, possibly the best playground in SA (funded by My Neighbourhood), Roora Walking Trail, White's Knob Lookout, the historical museum, two free camping areas, a magnificent recreation reserve for locals and visitors and more recently a silo are creation all originated without funding from the NRWMF.

Kimba still remains to provide abundant services - two fuel outlets, a car wash, library, school, two banks, op shop, swimming pool and lessons, two hairdressers, beauty care, massage, hotel, two B&Bs, sporting oval and courts, town mural, community fitness centre with two personal trainers and a pilates instructor, a hospital, doctor, hostel and visiting health specialists, 16 rentable pioneer units, Kimba terraces, churches, centrelink outlet, pharmacy, butcher, grocery outlets, newsagency, post office, agriculture supplies, accountant, tyre outlet, builders, painter, crash repairs, mechanics, auto electrician, freight service, canvas supplies, electrician, florist, hardware store, laundromat, giftwares, pop up shops, police station, cafe, takeaway, roadhouse, steel fabrications, visitor information outlet, childcare services.

All of this has been sustainable without a nuclear waste facility.

Our towns resume is pretty amazing just the way it is, yet some still want more.

The one thing we have lost is the ability to feel comfortable in out own community.

The division is undeniably real and it is at the forefront of everyone's mind yet it still is a taboo topic and the feeling lingers for both sides.

It's not something we all just easily get over (which we've been told).

It will take time to heal wounds and re-patch what the government process has destroyed.

Mr Canavan, as you sit happily in Canberra, we ask you, if you want to put the NRWMF in our town, how and will you support every resident in the community moving forward?



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