Advocates welcome Napandee decision

While the weekend's announcement that Napandee would host the National Radioactive Waste Management Facility has drawn criticism from some within the local and wider community, for others it brought only excitement and optimism.

Former resources minister Matt Canavan announced on Saturday morning that Napandee in the Kimba district had the support of the community and would be the site of the facility.

Napandee landowner Jeff Baldock said he was pleased to hear his site had been chosen, having volunteered his property to help Kimba.

"I can't think of another industry that will be guaranteed for 100 years," he said.

"We're doing this so our kids and their kids and theirs again can have a future in this town, not have to move away to someone else's town."

He said while being one of the landowners to initiate the discussion "hasn't always been pleasant," the decision had always been about his family and community.

"Some 45 jobs, a $31 million package, a new industry, a construction project worth hundreds of millions, and a stream of visiting scientists and engineers once it's operational, are all great reasons to say yes, which is what Kimba did," Mr Baldock said.

Working For Kimba's Future member Meagan Lienert said the announcement was met with "absolute excitement" by those in favour.

"We fought for this for the community for a long time," she said.

Mrs Lienert said while those in favour were sensitive to those who were unhappy with the decision, there was a "real buzz" of optimism in town as the community looked towards the next steps; upskilling and building capacity to eventually host the facility while working on this year's round of Community Benefit Fund projects.

Mrs Lienert said the Working For Kimba's Future group would continue to play a communication role as the community moves forward after the five year debate.

"We really do want to focus on bringing people together and showing we are a resilient community," she said.

"We want people to see the benefits and just see how wonderful this can be."

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