Roadrunners down Eagles

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The bottom of the fourth saw Shields at no runs again.

Squaws, who were on a high, set out to finish what they started and added three last runs to their total before the outs were made for side away.

Shields now with any chance of staying in this game had some catching up to do, they found their aggressive batting and base running again and crossed a final five runs including a home run smash to Melissa Balek.

Best at bat:

  • Shields: Liza Dela Cruz two from two
  • Squaws: Jennie-Lee TeWano five from five

Roadrunners def Eagles 19-2

Eagles first up saw three quick batters unable to get on base safely.

Roadrunners then went in for a crack and crossed two runs with a few safe hits to the outfield before fly balls sent them back to fielding.

Eagles with round two had the same outcome as their first at bat with three quick outs made and no runs scored.

Roadrunners second at bat seen them cross another two runs with some safe outfield hits again before infield plays were made for side away to be called.

Again, Eagles were unable to get any runs on the board with quick outs made again.

Roadrunners got going and found some momentum whe they had another crack with the bat and crossed eight runs which included a nice three-bagger to Tanya Habner before fly balls ended their batting dig.

Eagles finding a bit of up and go seen them rip some safe hits to centre field which got them two runs on the board before the infield shut them down.

Roadrunners still with their batting momentum had them cross another solid seven runs which included a three-bagger to Amelia Rusden.

Best at bat:

  • Eagles: Sarah Laube and Shenice Wells one from two
  • Roadrunners: Airlie O'Brien four from five

B Grade

Squaws def Shields 20-5

Squaws kicked off the game with the bat scoring four runs with a few errors in the shields field to start off the game but they regained themselves and made the three outs.

Shields then attempted to cross some runs but were unsuccessful in doing so.

Squaws went again with the bat but only managed to cross one-run with much better fielding from the Shields side.

Shields tried again with the bat and managed to get a few on base but once again were unable to cross any runs.

Squaws back in the box with some momentum bought some holes to the shields field which enabled them to cross eight runs before the three outs were made.

Shields finally managed to cross their first run with great base running from Meegan Blackwell before the third out was made.

Squaws went again with the bat and crossed seven runs.

Shields last at bat for the game seen them come out much more aggressive and as a result crossed four runs before squaws shut them down.

Best at bat:

  • Squaws: Gemma Fowler three from four
  • Shields: Taylor Darby two from three

Roadrunners def Eagles 27-3

Eagles started with the bat but were shut down with three up, three down.

Roadrunners then took to the batter's box and had a field day scoring 23 runs in their first at bat with safe hits galore to each player on the roadrunners side.

Eagles worked hard and got the three outs required for another at bat.

Eagles took to the batter's box with some aggression and got themselves some safe hits which resulted in them crossing three runs before the three outs were made.

Roadrunners went again with the bat and with some excellent fielding from eagles they only crossed four runs in this at bat before side away was called.

Best at bat:

  • Roadrunners: Shannon Atkins four from five
  • Eagles: Koren Jenkins one from one

Under 16s

Squaws def Shields 14-7

Squaws started strong in the batter's box with smart batting kicking off the game followed by six safe hits in a row to Gemma Fowler, Jakoda Skinn, Cate Pearce, Tyra Skinn, Shadya Kerley and a home run to Acacia Boyce before side away was called after reaching their seven allowed runs.

Shields then tried their luck in the batter's box but with great pitching from Anna TeWano and a strong infield squaws shut them down with only two runs crossing home.

Squaws had another crack of the bat and crossed another seven runs which included a home run to Jakoda Skinn and Anna TeWano.

Shields went for round two and were able to cross five runs with smart batting and base running with the only safe hit going to Porscha Shepperd.

Best at bat:

  • Squaws: Jakoda Skinn 3 from 3 (2 homeruns)
  • Shields: Porscha Shepperd 1 from 1

Eagles drew with Roadrunners 7 all

Eagles started the game with the bat but were unsuccessful in scoring any runs with three up, three down from the roadrunners field.

Roadrunners with their confidence from the field bought that to their batting and with safe hits and patient batting they were able to cross six runs before eagles collected the three outs.

Eagles with some run chasing to do, shook off their first at bat and went and rallied up seven runs of their own which included a home run to Shenice Wells.

Roadrunners needing one run to even the score set to work with the bat and with team batting were able to score a single run before eagles managed to get the three outs.

Best at bat:

  • Eagles: Sienna White and Billie Jenkins 3 from 3
  • Roadrunners: Tanaya D'agostini 2 from 2