Coffins fruitful for anglers

KINGFISH: Samantha Parobiec with a kingfish caught on GT Charters.
KINGFISH: Samantha Parobiec with a kingfish caught on GT Charters.

Here is a look at what has been biting and where in local waters.

Coffin Bay

The township of Coffin Bay had been worth a look for those wanting to catch a fish, with multiple species of smaller fish caught recently.

Tommies, salmon trout, and just legal whiting and flathead were all caught from the boat ramp and surrounding areas.

Gunyah had a few salmon, from trout size to about two kilograms further along the beach, along with some tommies in close.

Offshore provided some excellent fishing for those when conditions permitted. The further out boaties went, the better the fishing, however good fish were caught as close as Point Sir Isaac.

Tuna, bight redfish, kingfish, samsonfish, trevally, king George whiting, and salmon were all caught from boaties venturing offshore, with most anglers finding their target species (and others) relatively easily.

Diving lures of 120mm to 160mm returned the best results for those chasing tuna, with natural colours (blue, silver, white) giving the best results.

Port Lincoln

The main jetty has seen plenty of action during the past week, with most anglers returning with a feed of fish.

Tides were the biggest issue for anglers, making it extremely difficult to fish during periods of low (or no) water. On the turn of the tide, squid, garfish, tommies, and snook were all caught in decent numbers for those persistent enough.

Garfish have been a popular land based target, with many having no trouble to find fish. Size seems to be reasonable, with most anglers reporting decent sized gar.

Berley, as always was essential in small amounts to hold fish in an area. Best results came from anglers fishing Boston and Louth bays.

Snook were caught by land based, along with boat anglers casting metal slugs, or diving minnows throughout Boston and Porter bays. Fish size averaged just on legal size, through to about 60cm.

Schools of tommies were cruising the local bays biting well for those casting lures.

Squid were generally easily found for most, however some did have trouble finding them in the first instance.

Tide is a critical factor at the moment, with the best numbers coming from periods of high water when there was a reasonable tide movement in that day, or at night.

Small natural coloured jigs seemed to work the best.

Offshore had seen some froth worthy action with tuna, bight redfish, samsonfish, and kingfish all caught relativity easy for those willing to put the effort in.

With some calmer conditions boaties fished the Cabbage Patch, having success on all types of jigs, with butterfly and knife jigs proving to work well.