Taxi retrieved from the water at Port Lincoln

A taxi was pulled out of the water at the Port Lincoln marina after it rolled off the edge and became submerged on Saturday.

Police and emergency services were called to Marina Drive just after 12.10pm after reports that a Toyota van had rolled into the water.

The driver of the vehicle was not in at the time, he reportedly had left the vehicle to put rubbish into a nearby bin only to find it was rolling towards the edge before landing in the water.

Port Lincoln SES volunteers assisted police in contacting the marine safety officer to be on site in the event of an oil spill and provided contacts for a crane and commercial divers to assist in the vehicle's retrieval.

Police were on site to control traffic as the retrieval operation took place.

Leo Stewart and Port Lincoln Diving Services supplied two commercial divers and Shillabeer Cranes a crane to retrieve the taxi, while Geoff Whitehead Motors collected the vehicle and towed it from the scene.

There was no oil spillage and the vehicle was removed safely from the water.