Lack of local cricketers a big shame

The win by the Port Lincoln First XI against Le Hunte at Centenary Oval last Sunday makes a mockery of the decision by Eyre Peninsula to not pick one Port Lincoln player in the squad that contested the recent country championships in Adelaide.

The selected side was flogged in its first three matches, and got out of gaol in the play-off for second last and last.

Some of the players selected deserved their places, but to not select some real quality players that play here, was an insult to the Port Lincoln association.

I have thought about approaching the PLCA to throw out a challenge to the EP side that was selected to play a fundraising match in Port Lincoln on the turf in the last weekend of March against a Port Lincoln First XI to raise money for the local CFS.

In another cricket matter, congratulations to Great Flinders for their Horgan Shield win.

Keep posted cricket fans, you have not heard the last on the first part of my letter, I intend to do some digging, with permission from the PLCA.

I have been connected to the local cricket scene for more than 40 years, and I have a pretty good idea about what makes a competitive cricket team.

The team that was selected was always going to be up against it. Teams such as Northern might play on poor grounds, but they can play.


Port Lincoln

Respect for our land and fires

It is the end of Summer and many Australians feel emotionally depleted.

Vivid images of raging fires sweeping the land, of animals, people screaming and running, remain seared in their minds. Australia, a land that burns.

Experts willl debate the findings, the causes, the recommendations. After the 2009 bushfires, not all recommendations were implemented.

Already in New South Wales, seven farmers are taking the government to court for failing to apply firebreaks, adequate land clearing, neglecting to control overgrowth and stopping cattle grazing in national parks.

More farmers are complaining that the government stopped them acting in fire-prevention land clearing on their own properties.

In 2009, arson had already be found to be a relevant factor in the devastating bush fires.

Similarly in 2019, arson cannot be dismissed.

It is possible that as we see an increase violence in our society, where knives and cars are commonly used as weapons, fires have also replaced guns as favourite weapons.

Arsonists and firefighters are both the product of the same society, one a criminal the other a selfless hero.

The society itself is a human product.

These days, judges will praise an individual for caring, courageous behaviour, but often blame society for criminal behaviour, deflecting rersponsibility from the criminals.

This doesn't make sense - a criminal should be treated in the same way and take full responsibility for his or her behaviour.

Driving through Tulka and Port Lincoln, I saw children with picks and shovels clearing dead grass along the roads under their mothers' supervision.

These mums are teaching their children responsibility, healthy respect for our land and fires.

Everywhere, among the burnt land and ashes, green shoots and flowers are reaching out.

They will not be defeated. Life cannot be denied


Port Lincoln


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