Good numbers of garfish

CAUGHT: Rowan Pfeiffer with a samsonfish caught offshore from Port Lincoln.
CAUGHT: Rowan Pfeiffer with a samsonfish caught offshore from Port Lincoln.

Here is a look at what was biting and where across the Eyre Peninsula.


Sand crabs were reported in decent numbers coming from boaties in the area.

Reports indicate that the crabs were there to be found, however could be a bit slow when there was not much tide movement.

King George whiting reports from Farm Beach shallow grounds were that you had to move around to find numbers of legal sized specimens.

There was some very good numbers of fat garfish reported from boaties fishing in the area.

Some bigger whiting came from deeper grounds and between Point Longnose to Isaac's.

The usual offshore areas are holding tuna, kings and samsons including Rocky and Greenly islands and the Four Hummocks.

Live baits, squid, pillies and jigs have all worked, and fish size can be anywhere from 60 to 130cm.

Tuna were found closer to Point Whidbey, Reef Head and Sir Isaac's.


Garfish remain a popular land based target, with some fat fish being caught for persistent anglers.

Garfish are spread throughout Boston, Proper, and Louth bays.

Squid reports seem to be rather hit or miss, with catch rates either being very good or poor.

Boston Bay, continuing along the North Shore seem to be where the best results came from.

Blue swimmer crabs had been crawling local bays, with some big specimens there to be caught for those willing to put some time into finding where they are.

Tide movement to crucial to success.

Offshore fishing has been good when the weather was calm enough to get out.

Tuna around 10 to 20kg were caught between Low Rocks, the Neptune Islands and the Cabbage Patch.

A few bigger tuna around 40kg have been seen.

Kingfish averaged 80 to 100cm and Samson's 80 to 140cm.

Best fishing for the kings and samsons was late afternoon.

Some massive trevally including one 78cm stonker caught are in good numbers.

A school of tuna close in behind Boston Island provided some fun for those with smaller boats.


Yellowfin whiting off the beaches and squid and tommies from the jetties.


The Group had mixed reports on the whiting especially around the dodge tides.


Boaties reported some decent catches of king George and yellowfin whiting, along with a few just legal blue swimmer crabs, coming from in the harbour.