Colour Tumby Festival lineup announced

ART: Josh Harris (Kosie1) will be involved in the Colour Tumby Street Art Festival in 2020.
ART: Josh Harris (Kosie1) will be involved in the Colour Tumby Street Art Festival in 2020.

The shape of the 2020 Colour Tumby Street Art Festival in Tumby Bay is taking shape with a lineup of six artists to create the latest lot of art, including a mural depicting local history.

The festival, which takes place between March 27 and 29 will feature a lineup of national and international artists renowned for their street art.

Among the lineup is former local Josh Harris, also known as Kosie1 who will be running a workshop on the Saturday and will be painting a trailer outside the Hub.

Smug, who took part in 2018 will return and French artists Gamo and Kitsa will feature for the first time.

Tristan Kerr from Adelaide, Minna Leunig from Shepparton, Victoria and Bronte Naylor from Newcastle, New South Wales round out the lineup.

Tumby Bay Progress Association member Paul Stoddard said everyone was really excited for this year's festival with a great spread of styles among the artists.

He said there would be plenty to see and do this year, including workshops, live music and food stalls.

"There will be a lot more going on, a bit of something for everyone this year," he said.

As part of art created for this year's festival the Tumby Bay community was polled on the theme for a mural depicting Tumby Bay's history; agriculture/land, community social and maritime/sea.

Mr Stoddard said sea was the winning theme with more than 160 votes and a number of maritime themed photos from the Tumby Bay National Trust Museum would be used.