Prayers of peace for Zimbabwe

A World Day of Prayer service, with the theme "Rise! Take your mat and walk!" that had been prepared by women from Zimbabwe, was held in Cummins at the Catholic Church on March 6 hosted by the Catholic Women's League.

The World Day of Prayer is a global movement to welcome all to join in prayer and action for peace and justice.

The service began with a procession of three lit candles, words of love, faith and hope, and a bible and mat carried by Pauline Mickan, Jan Phelps, Wendy Treloar, Beryl Taylor and Diane Secker, while a Zimbabwean song played.

The altar was decorated in silk material strips in green, yellow, red, black and white, while a map of Zimbabwe and flags along with some clay pots were on display.

Music was played throughout the service by Josie Hammond, who also prepared the slides and videos shown.

About thirty members from the Anglican, Catholic, Lutheran and Uniting churches were present along with Fr Kevin Matthews, Pastors Peter Klemm and Stephen Albrecht.

Catholic ladies Terry Pedler, Joan Nelligan and Ann Doudle read a letter from Zimbabwe about their story, history and their religion.

Lutheran ladies Beryl Taylor, Jody Klemm and Ann McAskill led the Prayer of Confession.

Wendy Treloar from the Anglican church read the bible verse from John 5:2-9a, and Kay Baines and Gladys Hall read the Act of Commitment.

Margaret Phelps spoke about the slide presentation that was shown by Josie Hammond about Zimbabwe.

Joan Nelligan and Genny Secker took up the offering which amounted to $260.80 for the Bible Society in their chosen project.

Uniting Church ladies, Judy Hurrell and Jan Phelps and Pastor Stephen Albrecht led the prayer of thanksgiving and intercession.

Diane Secker, Marg Phelps and Carmel Wauchope led the commissioning for the 2021 service - Vanuatu women have prepared on the theme "Build a Strong Foundation".

Beryl Taylor and Jody Klemm will coordinate the 2021 service in Cummins.

Morning tea and further fellowship was enjoyed after the service.