Almonta produces salmon

FISH OF THE DAY: Samantha Schubert caught the fish of the day on board Arno Bay Fishing Adventures. Image supplied.
FISH OF THE DAY: Samantha Schubert caught the fish of the day on board Arno Bay Fishing Adventures. Image supplied.

The Port Lincoln Tuna Competition was held at the weekend. The fishing was tough, but there were plenty of smiling faces, and congratulations to the champion crew on Longshot.

West Coast 

Schools of salmon appear along the surf beaches, and whiting in Streaky and Venus Bays from 30 to 36cm are good on squid or cockles.

Coffin Bay 

Whiting are moving into the bay, up to 35cm reported by boaties and shore anglers.

The jetties and rocks around town have been producing plenty of good fish, and Farm beach, Gallipoli and the Frenchmans have also been fishing well in deeper water.

King George, trevally, salmon, tommies and squid have been caught in two to 10 meters, but keep your eyes open - one angler in a tinny reported a four meter pointer circling and following him.

Almonta has produced good sized salmon, and fish in the 80cm bracket were landed on whole pilchards and bigger metal lures.

There are also some good sized tommies in the surf.

Offshore has seen change from tuna to samsonfish, kingfish and reef species because the water has cooled off, so that may be the end of the tuna for a few months.

Port Lincoln 

Whiting, squid, garfish and crabs have kept anglers busy this week, and land based hot spots have been on the north shore, Proper Bay, National Park and Louth Bay.

Small squid jigs have been the key to success and the best colours have been black, white and KGW patterns.

A jig with a warm jacket really makes a difference during overcast days.

Boaties are catching those species and more in Proper, Boston and Louth Bays.

The wharf has produced these species plus rat kingfish, big tommies and salmon trout to 500 grams.

Offshore saw tuna to 15.8kg caught during the tuna comp, but cold water is moving in so look for warmer surface temperatures.

There are good numbers of kingfish, samsonfish, trevally and nannygai.

Port Neill/Arno Bay

King George whiting, squid and garfish have been caught by boaties and from the jetty.

Tumby Bay

King George whiting, squid and garfish were caught at the group in good numbers, with the whiting from 35 to 50cms plus.

Please remember the bigger whiting are breeders, so think about returning a few.

In the marina, there have been salmon trout, tommies, garfish and silver trevally.


The blue swimmer crabs continue to feed the masses - they have been plentiful and are a good size in the harbour.

Yellowfin whiting are being caught land based in the shallows.