Former Port Lincoln local gathers support in Ireland

A former Port Lincoln resident has gathered support for those affected by the Australian bushfires, more than 16,000 kilometres away in Ireland.

Heidi O'Griofa and fellow Australian woman Kathryn Keedy from Tasmania are the only two Australians living on the island of Inishmore off the west coast of Galway Ireland, both married to Irish men.

The two women got together on Australia Day to raise money for those affected by the bushfires.

Receiving support, sponsorship and help from the Irish locals they held an event at the local Tigh Joe Watties Bar and had a full house, full of fun games and laughs with Vegemite sandwiches and other Australian food on the menu.

The women had a very successful night, raising 3420 Euros, or about $6158.

Mrs O'Griofa's parents Lindy and Bevan Woods, who live in Port Lincoln praised the two women for their efforts.

"Good on you girls, this dedication proves the good old Aussie spirit and also well done to all the Irish for their support and care," Mrs Woods said.

"We know there's a crisis going on around the world but we feel their efforts should be acknowledged."

The money was forwarded by Red Cross and the two women received acknowledgement by the Australian Ambassador.