The coronavirus news you need to know after a day of social distancing this Saturday

There is enough panic in communities right now when it comes to supermarkets - for most of us that involves trying to get our hands on that elusive toilet paper and stay the required 1.5 metres away from others.

Sadly, a fire ripped through Masons Shopping Centre in the 700-person town of Bruce Rock in Western Australia this week, causing an estimated $500,000 in damage.

It's the stuff of nightmares under normal circumstances but now the small community must drive 50km to the nearest shop.

Over the other side of the country in Sydney, the need for toilet paper has led to crime. Police have alleged two men managed to steal about 400 rolls of toilet paper from restricted storage areas at stores in Auburn and Granville.

Fear of coronavirus has also overshadowed Queensland's local council polls this week. More postal votes have been cast than usual, meaning it could be days before they get a definitive result.

Funerals are difficult at the best of times, but there has never been a worse week for the industry as they try to cope with restrictions introduced by the federal government that mean the guest list must somehow be reduced to just 10.

Finally, the question many women are asking: how do we survive coronavirus without our salon? One mobile pampering service has the important things covered - tips about how to care for your eyebrows and acrylic nails.

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