Community funds intended for CCTV in Tumby Bay

Security wanted for entrance roads

Funds for the community left by the Tumby Bay Jockey Club have been set aside by local Richard Curtis, with the hope it will go to installing security cameras in town.

The last president of the jockey club, Mr Curtis, said they had already distributed some remaining funds to other causes when the club dissolved several years ago, but that there was about $7000 to put towards CCTV.

"I was the last president...I wanted to do something for the town with the money that was left and this is just something we've come up with that we think would be beneficial for the police," he said.

He said he did not believe cameras were needed because there had been an increase in local crime.

"I approached (local police officer) Dan about it, and I believe he's approached the district council," said Mr Curtis.

"We're a bit of an enclosed 'island' here, and if we had a camera - and the cameras are getting better and better - here on each road that goes out of town, that footage would be available.

"So that when we get some scoundrels that come up here and go in and decide to break in to somewhere, they don't have to start driving around the town looking for them - they can have a photograph of the car, registration number, and it should make it a little bit easier.

"It is just to make Tumby Bay a safer place for everybody who lives here."

Mr Curtis said he approached local police sargeant Dan Nair, who is expected to make a deputation about the security cameras at the next council meeting.

Officer in charge of the Eyre Western Local Service Area superintendent Paul Bahr said the issue had been raised at the PACE forum in Port Lincoln in November.

"EWLSA certainly has a record of supporting any CCTV initiative that increases opportunities to both prevent crime (just from the knowledge that the cameras are present and watching) or assist in the investigation of crime," he said.