Wayback and Marble Range earn first round wins



WAYBACK 11.7 (73) DEF LINCOLN SOUTH 6.5 (41)

IT WAS one of the most anticipated starts to football seen in Lincoln for a number of years due to coronavirus and the number of imports from up the coast in both sides.

The Souths side with a group of young players who have come through their junior ranks had a tough first quarter against Wayback with a lot of ball ups by the umpires.

Wayback were first to score as Rory Hunt took an uncontested mark alone in the square. For his side Xavier Watson in the middle was giving his team first use of the ball while for Souths Luke Wilkins was prominent.

When Jonty Seal kicked his first goal of seven for the day, Wayback went into the first huddle 2.1 (13) while South failed to score, mainly due to the way they went into their forward area, making it easy for Jaxen Norton to mark and hold up their attacks a number of times.

The second quarter started much better for Souths as a good passage of play starting in their backline from Joe Walker to Aiden Baker and Jake Turner saw Scott Young take a strong mark and goal.

Big Sam Heinjus was giving Wayback first use of the ball in ruck and around the ground. Seal kicked his second after a free kick.

Souths then had a purple patch of play with Kingsley Ware coming into the game along with Levi McDonald and Waylon Miller but unfortunately Souths let themselves down again with their disposals into their forward line. At half time Wayback had a three goal lead in a tough, hard affair.

The first 30 seconds of the third quarter saw Wayback attack which resulted in Seal soccering one off the ground and score another three for the quarter and when Heinjus goaled Wayback had busted the match wide open.

Poor disposals was still letting Souths down but they finally got the ball forward to see James Neale snap a good goal.

He then combined with Turner, who was wearing the famous number 19 for Souths to get the ball to Young but unfortunately hit the post.

Shaun Maxfield at half forward was directing traffic along with Zac Mullins and it was left to Tex Holman and Walker to keep Wayback at bay.

With a six goal quarter Wayback had a comfortable lead at three quarter time.

The last quarter was completely dominated by Souths as the blonde bombshell Jake Horton realised his potential, completely running riot up forward and kicking three goals and when Young kicked a lovely 50-metre goals Souths had swamped Wayback.

If Thomas Easson had not snapped a goal Wayback could have been goalless as Seal missed a couple he would normally kick.

Although Wayback won by 32-points they had to work hard for their victory.

Best for Wayback was their big ruckman Sam Heinjus, he could have had a better day as in the last quarter he took a great pack mark but in typical ruckman fashion shot for goal and put it out on the full.

Jaxen Norton was almost impassable at half back with his aerial skills, Jonty Seal with his seven goals, Shaun Maxfield was cool under pressure all day while Thomas Easson and Zac Mullins were good.

For Souths Aiden Baker and Jake Turner were good as both are tough as nails, Kingsley Ware certainly used his pace and foot skills well, Joe Walker was good in defence while Luke Wilkins and Scott Young played well.

The South side has a lot of potential as they have a very young side, players like Colby Syvertsen and Tex Holman would have learnt a lot playing on a classy player like Seal and if their young players can overcome cramping up they will be competitive this year.

MARBLE RANGE 21.18 (144) DEF BOSTON 3.3 (21)

A good sized crowd gathered at Wangary for the first match of the year for Marble Range and Boston.

Rangers were without Tynan Keeley for the game but appeared to be mostly full strength, and celebrated as Jake Sampson finally reached the 100 games milestone for Rangers.

The Tigers were missing a few senior players, including captain Brodie Falciani and best and fairest Mitch Hall so the side had a few juniors in the side.

Marble Range showed great passages of play early as they set up numbers around the ball and presented well in the gaps, in particular Tyron George and Lance Appleby set themselves up to receive plenty of the football throughout the day.

Rangers had the lion's share of scoring opportunities early but started slowly with three behinds until Mail Medallist Casey Amos displayed silky skills to sink the first goal of the game.

From there Rangers would finish the quarter with 5.7 (37) while Boston were kept scoreless as Rangers displayed a strong defence, led by Kory Beard off half back with Reece Francis, Casey Beard and Ned Brooks contributing.

Young Callum Binder gave Boston fans something to cheer about as he kicked the side's first goal at the start of the second quarter but Marble Range soon had a reply through 100 gamer Sampson.

The opportunities for goals kept coming for Rangers, Joe Burgoyne shined throughout with his ball handling and pace and was rewarded with two goals for the quarter.

Lachlan Jennings and Todd Owen kept the scoreboard ticking as did Kory Beard, who on top of shining in defence moved forward to present a target and kicked Rangers' seventh goal for the quarter to lead 12.10 (82) to Boston 1.1 (7).

Rangers' midfield continued to set up shots on goal in the third, picking their spots carefully with precise disposals, although some light drizzle made the ball more difficult to hold on to and Boston were aggressive in the pursuit of the ball.

The goals kept coming for Rangers, including two from Billy Byass while Binder impressed with his pursuit of the contested ball and kicked his second goal. Rangers led 17.15 (117) to 2.1 (13) at the final break.

Rangers finished the game with four more goals, three from Byass, while the Tigers scored one more through Tom Whitehair. Marble Range ran away with the win 21.17 (143) to 3.3 (21).

Kory Beard was among Rangers best with his defensive pressure and presenting an option down field, Lance Appleby and Tyron George were all over the midfield and were efficient with their disposals while new faces Casey Amos and Joe Burgoyne shined with their pace and ball handling to get the ball into the 50.

For Boston Sanjayson Hanuman impressed in getting the ball away from the contests and clearance work, Quade Ware and Jayden Roderick relentlessly attacked the footy and Justin Carey showed promise with his work in defence.

A strong team display by Marble Range while Boston's juniors will be better for the experience and should be more competitive next time around.