Cummins defeats Karkoo to remain undefeated

Cummins unbeaten, Wanilla wins first

Cummins beat Karkoo to remain undefeated and Wanilla notched up their first win after the fourth round of Great Flinders Table Tennis.

Cummins 20 def Karkoo 10 - Despite Karkoo missing a couple of their regular players the first round of singles was even with both teams winning five. Lester Barnes had a battle with Karkoo's Darren Atkins winning in five.

Karkoo won the other two five game matches when Leon Hurrell defeated Troy Branson and Bev Atkins won against Aiden Barnes.

Cummins won the first round of doubles, four to one, with Karkoo's only match being won in five when Rod Pearson and Leon Hurrell defeated Ross Kerr and Troy Branson.

Cummins had more success in the second round of singles winning seven. Troy Branson had a battle with Karkoo's Rod Pearson winning in five.

Cummins won the reverse doubles, four to one with the only five game match going their way, when Lester Barnes and Ross Kerr won against Darren Atkins and Rod Pearson.Cummins best, winning all their matches, were Lester Barnes, Matt Guppy and Terry Sampson.

Best for Karkoo was Leon Hurrell who won two singles and a double.

Wanilla 13 def Yeelanna 11 - Playing with eight Wanilla had their first win for the year. Both teams won four in the first round of singles with the two top singles going to five.

Wanilla's Jesse Marcel defeated Luke McLachlan and Yeelanna's Bradley Phillips won against Jon Story. Wanilla took the lead winning three in the doubles.

The second round of singles was again even. Jesse Marcal won another five game match this time beating Bradley Philips with the last game being 12 to 10. Yeelanna also won a five game match when Tony Sparks defeated Megan Low.

The second round of doubles were also even with both teams wining two.Winning four for Wanilla was Ben Price. Best for Yeelanna was Tony Sparks who won four.

Yallunda Flat 18 def Tumby Bay 12 - Both teams won five in the first round of singles with two matches going to five. Tumby's Richard Hennell beat Isaac Telfer and Yallunda Flats' Jared Bates won against Andy Allen.

Yallunda Flat won the doubles three to two. The top doubles was won in five by Yallunda Flat's Isaac Telfer and Tim Roediger whilst Tumby were able to win the bottom two doubles in five.

Yallunda Flat won six in the second round of singles winning one of these in five when Wade Gray beat Mike Bradford.

Tumby's David Elson was also able to win his in five when he defeated Jarred Bates. Yallunda Flat then won four in the reverse double securing them the win.

Two of the doubles went to five with wins going to Richard Hennell and Mike Bradford from Tumby and Jarred Bates and Lynne Telfer from Yallunda Flat.

Yallunda Flat's best were Wade Gray and Tom Baldissera who won all their matches. Best for Tumby Bay was Richard Hennell who won two singles and a double.