Good squid hauls across EP

Delighted: Jack Runner, from Adelaide, is excited about catching his first squid. Photo - supplied.

Delighted: Jack Runner, from Adelaide, is excited about catching his first squid. Photo - supplied.

Just as we thought winter had started to leave, it has come back with a vengeance. Hopefully there is some rain for the farmers and us fishos can wait it out.

Here's what was biting and where:

West Coast 

Gummy sharks and salmon to 4kg continue to be reliable along the whole West Coast.

Elliston, Venus and Streaky bays have all produced some King George whiting in shallow water along with a few trevally, garfish and tommies.

Flathead are being caught on hard body lures and soft plastics on most protected beaches.

Offshore has seen some good bags of nannygai and blue morwong caught on Wingman jigs.

Coffin Bay 

King George whiting were reported from the town jetties and along the ledge, but not in great numbers.

Better results from Farm Beach - Dan from GT Charters reported his customers have caught their limit of King George whiting to over 40cm later in the afternoon on the way home from successful offshore trips.

The bigger whiting are in deeper water and there are also some red mullet around up to 30cm.

Offshore has been excellent for nannygai, blue morwong and gummy sharks. Drifting over reefs with jigs or baits has been working well. Arrow jigs with a hint of squid has been successful.

There were also plenty of big silver trevally caught on the drift.

Good schools of salmon to 4.5kg were reported along the Almonta-Gunyah Beach.

Port Lincoln 

Sleaford to Wanna has plenty of salmon to 4.5kg. The Salmon Hole area has been the pick of the spots. Metal lures between 30 and 80 grams in Pink Glow or Zebra have been successful.

King George whiting have been hard to find in the Proper and between Carcase and Taylors.

We had a few good reports from around Thistle, but the secret still seems to be fishing late in the afternoon.

While waiting for the whiting to come on the bite, consider chasing some of the good trevally, garfish, snook and salmon that are in the bays at the moment, or drift around with a squid jig behind the boat.

Speaking of squid, they are everywhere (in the water). Small jigs in black or 490 George colours have been producing plenty from the Town Jetty, Billy Lights and Stenross.

Other good spots have been North Shields jetty, along the North Shore and Louth Bay.

Flathead have thinned out a bit over the last week, but there are plenty of yellowfin whiting along the North Shields beach. Clickers, Seaweed worms, bloodworm and prawns have been the best baits.

Tumby Bay

If fishing out at the group, try chasing some of the big salmon by trolling lures around.

There are some big snook around as well and the King George whiting have been in good numbers if you look around a bit in the deeper water.

I don't recommend going for a swim though, as a 4.5m-5.0m pointer has been seen in the area.

Other than that, there have been some good numbers of trevally and some big squid caught.

The jetty in Tumby has been pretty quiet this week with only a few squid and small tommies caught.

Port Neill/Arno Bay

King George whiting have been reported in close to the shore. Squid baits were the pick with local prawns a close second.

There are plenty of squid being caught by boaties with the KG Whiting Glow 3.5 jig being a stand out.


A few KG whiting and squid were caught outside the harbour by boaties. Inside the harbour there are big schools of yellowfin whiting caught on lures and baits.