Streaky Bay Championship underway

Redden in Streaky Bay Champs box seat


On Saturday, 12 players took to the course for the first round of the Kel Redding/Foodland Streaky Bay Golf Championships.

This is the first year of the Streaky Bay Championship with all greens fully established on all holes.

The course was in excellent condition and despite the cold weather and a steady breeze a couple of good rounds were carded, leaders at the end of the day were L. Redden (74), A. Miller (75) in the A grade, W. Daniel (87), T. Redden (95) in the B grade and P. Brougham (108) in the C grade.

On Sunday, 25 players competed in the second round of the championships with a good spread across the grades, this included a number of low handicappers who were sniffing around. The course was spot on ready to see who could come out on top.

With a cool and overcast start, the day fined up during the afternoon, the greens were fast and continued to prove difficult for most with many still adapting to a course with all greens.

Despite the great condition of the course and the improving weather, few were able to capitalise with multiple reports of double figure strokes per hole, many out of bounds and triple putts or worse.

The A grade leader board tightened up with L. Redden (78) and club president - J. Habel (78) coming out on top, A. Miller is a chance and B. Huntley (82) is still in the mix but both needing to fire big time next week, Redden is in the box seat.

K. Feltus, a year 7 lad, carded 89 in his first championships playing in the A grade - lots of potential in the years ahead.

In the B grade, with most padding up and recording a 'Bradman" (100+), this completion is now wide open - W. Daniel holds a strong advantage given his first round 87.

In the C grade, D. Mayhew came in with a steady 99, P. Brougham improved with a 101, and T. Gilmore had a 103 - this grade is ready for someone to rip it apart and embarrass the B graders.

Next Sunday is the final round of the Kel Redding/Foodland Club Championship will be played - there is room for a number of bolters to come out on top.

The club is still planning on hosting the Streaky Bay Golf Open on the weekend of September 12-13, with a 18 hole stroke round each day, providing COVID restrictions permit.

First Round Club Championships (Saturday): A grade: L. Redden 74 (73), A. Miller 75 (72), C. Kenny 89 (82), J. Flaherty 94 (80), I. Richter 96 (85), K. Feltus 96 (82). B grade: W. Daniel 87 (70), T. Redden 95 (80), D. Gilmore 99 (81). C grade: P. Brougham 108 (86), D. Mayhew 112 (88), T. Gilmore 112 (87).

Second Round (Sunday): A grade: L. Redden 78 (77), J. Habel 78 (74), B. Huntley 82 (81), D. Gazzola 86 (75), K. Feltus 89 (74), N. Brace 89 (79), I. Richter 91 (80), A. Miller 93 (90), C. Kenny 94 (86). B grade: T. Redden 96 (81), D. Gilmore 98 (80), C. Gosling 100 (82), A. Atkinson 100 (84), G. Redding 102 (83), W. Daniel 102 (85), H. Verstappen 102 (86), C. Roberts 104 (86). C grade: D. Mayhew 99 (75), T. Gilmore 103 (78), P. Brougham 101 (79), D. Brougham 105 (80), D. King 111 (84), P. Feltus 117 (85), S. Mudge 123 (87), B King 131.