Lower Eyre animal sanctuary fundraising for wombat space

October 22 is World Wombat Day and a local wildlife sanctuary is calling for support to help construct a large enclosure for orphaned wombats.

Two Songs Sanctuary, located just outside of Port Lincoln, provides a permanent home for orphaned wombats and kangaroos.

Linda Davies manages Two Songs Sanctuary with Bronte Larking and said the sanctuary started "very small" five years ago to be an advocate for rescued wildlife that had lost their mothers.

Altogether the sanctuary is currently caring for for 22 kangaroos and three wombats.

The sanctuary is aiming to create a one acre wombat enclosure and had already spent $20,000 on facilities with an estimated $15,000 still required.

A GoFundMe campaign was started late last year to raise $10,000 to help finish the complete enclosure quicker and so far had raised $6350.

Ms Davies said the goal was to provide large spaces, especially for the wombats as they were territorial and would provide something close to their natural environment.

She said World Wombat Day, which celebrates wombats and highlights the importance of protecting wombats, was a good time to promote the project and what the sanctuary was trying to do.

"The South Australian Government had made a rule that any humanised, hand-raised willdlife are not permitted to be released into the wild so rescue animals we take in, we care for for the rest of their entire lifes," she said.

"World Wombat Day is truly a wonderful opportunity if anybody out there wanted to support and make a difference to wombat lives.

"Our aim is to get the wombats into this large enclosure as soon as possbile."

Wombats can live between 30 and 35 years and kangaroos for up to 20 years.

The sanctuary has been caring for kangaroos and wombats during the past five years and has grown from small beginnings.

Ms Davies said she was only person in the area that had a specialised wombat carers licence and had received approval from Lower Eyre Peninsula District Council to accommodate wildlife.

She said they had received support over the years to care for the animals and continued with the mission

"I had a kangaroo 20 years prior and had minimal experience but through support from other carers that had years of experience we had learned so much," she said.

"We had worked really closely with Department of Environment and Water Fauna Unit and abide by all their rules and regulations.

"We're here solely to support animals that have no voice and have been left orphaned, mostly by car collisions."

Ms Davies said the sanctuary was selective of what animals it took in due to expenses such as desexing of any males, food and ongoing veterinary bills, as well as maintaining ratios of males to females and to not overpopulate the provided areas.

She said DK Quarries had also been big supporters of the sanctuary over the years.

Saturday, October 24 is also National Kangaroo Awareness Day, which promotes conservation of kangaroos and joeys across the country.

Anyone wanting to support the fundraiser can do so at au.gofundme.com/f/wombat-habitat-at-two-songs-sanctuary, and anyone wanting to support the sanctuary can contact Ms Davies on 0417 708 450.