Support Aussie made products

Support Aussie made products

The impact of the coronavirus, on required government expenditure, has been immense and it will take many years for this prohibitive national debt to be paid off.

Whilst it is highly commendable and necessary that governments, both federal and state, have ensured that Australians have been provided with income protection and support, it is not economically sustainable long term.

Governments are collectors of revenue through: personal income tax, corporate income tax, payroll taxes, federal excises and a myriad of levies and charges - and are not generators of income.

Each time government is required to improve and introduce new services and programs, due to social demands and population requirements, they need to increase taxes, charges and levies.

It is free and private enterprise activity that is needed to generate employment, infrastructure, mining, goods, services, manufacturing, which consequently minimises the financial input required by our governments.

The governments' sole responsibility should be to provide the environment for private enterprise to succeed, by removing unnecessary conditions and regulations, which at present are holding back new, profitable and much needed ventures.

In conjunction with this Australia needs to return to manufacturing and producing items, rather than an over reliance and dependence on imported items, and consumers need to ensure that their priority purchase is Australian made, meaning more local jobs.

Before long, the label "Made in Australia" will be only seen on artifacts displayed in our museums for future generations to view what we were once capable of.



'Save Our Voices' questions

It is hard to accept the integrity of the "Save Our Voices" campaign when the businesses behind it own and are shutting down the TV, radio and newspapers they purport are being pressured by outside (commercial) interests.

Vast tracts of SA do not have free to air TV access to SA news and current affairs, they know the price of jeans in Roma, cattle salt lick blocks in Mount Isa and pots and pans in Alice Springs or Darwin, but don't know whats happening on North Terrace, Adelaide.

The radio stations provide east coast agricultural advice at lunch time and east coast based syndicated programs from 4pm each day.

Our newspapers are being cut back to one edition per week, all in the name of profit for the multimedia barons.

Our "LOCAL VOICE" revolves around places like Ceduna, Elliston, Coober Pedy etc having timely free to air coverage of events in their state backed up with significant press coverage of events in their district.

When the SOV campaign addresses these issues, I will consider it worthy of my attention, until then my cynicism remains.



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