SA forced into six-day circuit breaker to combat state's COVID-19 outbreak

CIRCUIT BREAKER: SA Police commissioner Grant Stevens outlined the new lockdown restrictions for the state.
CIRCUIT BREAKER: SA Police commissioner Grant Stevens outlined the new lockdown restrictions for the state.

Premier Steven Marshall dropped a bombshell on South Australia today, announcing as of midnight tonight, the state needs to pause for six days to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

"The essence is we can't wait to see how bad this [virus] comes," he said.

The announcement was followed by the SA Health chief public health officer, Professor Nicola Spurrier revealing two new COVID-19 cases linked to the Parafield cluster.

The 22 cases are linked to the Parafield cluster with an additional seven cases waiting on testing results which are known to be highly infectious.

Meanwhile, SA Police commissioner Grant Stevens outlined the lockdown to take place midnight tonight (Wednesday) for six days, with a further eight days of restrictions.

He said there will be more clarity to come on these changes with some more additional restrictions.

ENFORCED: SA Health chief public health officer, Professor Nicola Spurrier outlined the reasons for the six-day lockdown.

ENFORCED: SA Health chief public health officer, Professor Nicola Spurrier outlined the reasons for the six-day lockdown.

Changes from midnight:

  • Schools and childcare centres to close, except for essential workers
  • Pubs, clubs, cafes, takeaways, food courts to close
  • Universities to close
  • Open inspections, auctions to close
  • FIFO to stay grounded for six days
  • No regional travel, no holidays or travel
  • Holiday homes will not be available for lease or rental
  • Wedding and funerals, none for six days
  • Aged care and disability in lockdown
  • Critical construction work only
  • No exercise, do not step outside your house unless for essential travel or items
  • Masks must be worn outside the home at all times
  • Only one person to leave the house at any one time
  • Supermarkets remain open for essential shopping
  • More to come

Professor Spurrier this particular strain of virus was breeding "rapidly" with a shorter incubation period of about 24 hours, with those infected showing only minimal symptoms.

"We don't have any time to wait," she said.

SA Police new direction

SA Police have issued a new direction in relation to isolation requirements for the Parafield Cluster.

The Emergency Management (COVID-19) (Parafield Cluster Isolation) Direction 2020 has been issued. This Direction comes into effect as of 8.20pm, 18 Wednesday November 2020.

This direction applies to any person who was present at the following businesses and/or schools on one or more of the following days:

  • Roma Mitchell Secondary College, Briens Rd, Gepps Cross 509412 & 13 November 2020
  • Thomas More College, 23 Amsterdam Cres, Salisbury Downs 510812 & 13 November 2020
  • Mawson Lakes Primary School, 12-24 Garden Tce, Mawson Lakes 5095 13 November 2020
  • Elizabeth Aquadome, Crockerton Rd, Elizabeth, between 11am - 1.30pm on 14 November 2020
  • Peppers Waymouth Hotel Adelaide, 55 Waymouth St, Adelaide 5000. Any time between 31 October until 15 November 2020 inclusive
  • Woodville Pizza Bar, 1/58 Woodville Rd, Woodville South 5011. Any time between 6 November until 16 November inclusive ***IMPORTANT- This also includes people who received a delivery from the Woodville Pizza Bar and the delivery driver.

This also applies to any members of the household of those identified as having attended Roma Mitchell Secondary College, Thomas More College, Mawson Lakes Primary School and Woodville Pizza bar on the above dates.

The people present at the businesses and/or schools at the times specified above are required to:

  • Travel by the most direct and practical route to their place of residence or accommodation unless they are already at that location;
  • All identified people must reside and remain isolated and segregated from other people at the residential premises for a period of 14 days commencing the last day they attended the business and/or school (or the member of their household attended the business and/or school);
  • Ensure that they do not leave the designated residential premises unless: for medical purposes, to obtain medical care or medical supplies, to receive a COVID-19 test, in an emergency situation or otherwise specified by the State Coordinator or delegate;
  • Wear a mask when leaving the residential premises and only travel directly to/from the destination (e.g. testing site);
  • - Take reasonable steps to ensure no other person enters the place unless another person usually resides at the premises, they are also isolating or they provide/receive care to/from the nominated person;
  • Follow all reasonable directions from a treating medical practitioner;
  • Submit to a COVID-19 test on day 1 and 12 of this Direction being issued. Note- if the person has received a test in between the day of attending the site and before this direction was in place they are not required to obtain an additional day 1 test; and
  • Notify SA Health immediately if they develop any COVID-19 symptoms.

If the person is advised by a medical practitioner that they have tested positive to COVID-19 they must remain in a health or other facility in accordance with the instruction provided until a medical practitioner certifies that the person is eligible for discharge.

If the person received a negative COVID-19 test result they must complete the specified 14 day self-quarantine period and continue to remain segregated from other people.

This Direction does not apply to any person who was directed to and entered the hotel site of Peppers Waymouth Hotel Adelaide, as a member of the Outbreak Response Team who was dressed in full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

The Communicable Diseases Control Branch can be contacted on 1300 232 272.

All existing directions, frequently asked questions and other information can be found here:

For further information please call the SA COVID-19 Information Line on 1800 253 787 between the hours of 9am to 5pm 7 days per week or go to the SA Health website at or

More to come.

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