Hoping for a brighter 2021

Time to be merry, time to be weary, to share, to greet or to weep ... the scammers are watching and circling with gleeful determination.

Scams are coming thick and fast. There is a parcel to pick up, click on the link; a reputable store is holding your present, click on the link; some money coming your way, NBN is going to cut you off, click on the link.

Whatever you do, do not click on that link - otherwise you will invite a virus and then your site will be invaded by scams.

The younger generation seems to have developed an inbuilt scam-detection shield.

The older generation has a more trustful outlook. Christmas and parcels traditionally go together and so are gifts. It is a generation which was taught to comply with authorities.

In the classroom, they sit when they were told to and good values were the right thing to pursue while the younger generation is blase about the daily scams.

They seem to have redirected their anger and frustrations at random.

Perhaps, the virus will be a wake-up call to reset our outlook in society and family, to keep the positive changes and discard the harmful negative changes.

New Year is there and I wish for everyone a world without pain and deceit.


Port Lincoln

Nuclear questions

I refer to your article, "Patrick has Kimba nuclear question" (December 17).

One must commend Senator Rex Patrick's relentless pursuit of alternative locations for Australia's nuclear waste.

It would be interesting if another ballot were to take place in the vicinity of Kimba and surrounds just to ascertain from an academic perspective whether residents are still willing to host this facility.

Perhaps some have changed their mind, left or died since.

Few details were available. One wonders what was voted for? A nuclear waste facility is a "reverse uranium mine" in the vicinity of citizens.

Why ask farmers to volunteer their land?

It may be time to ban uranium exports. No new uranium mine in 2020, anywhere in the world should be approved without having, within its design, capacity to store permanently, nuclear waste.

Why dig more holes? Why destroy more environment when we are asked to protect it due to man's environmental destruction now in the forefront.

Use the holes at Australian uranium mines for mandatory nuclear waste disposal.

The township and transport infrastructure is there.


South Plympton

Striding for health

I am thrilled to announce Stroke Foundation's annual physical activity fundraiser Stride4stroke has exceeded expectations this year. A record 1484 people took part in the campaign.

Stride4Stroke encouraged participants to set an activity goal for November and get moving to reduce their own stroke risk and raise funds.

Stroke Foundation had hoped to raise $180,000 through Stride4Stroke, but that target has been broken. Our inspiring community of supporters raised an amazing $420,000! This was an incredible effort and one we are truly grateful for.


CEO, Stroke Foundation



New Year's Eve dance at Wanilla Hall on Thursday, December 31 from at 8pm with Dockings Band, please bring own thermos and supper. There will be no dance on Saturday, January 2.


Due to restrictions, we are unable at this time to continue. However, we are looking forward to easing of restrictions so that we will be able to meet again sometime in the New Year. God's blessings to you this Christmas, Linc n Learn Team.


The club's next Happy Chat group meeting will be at the Port Lincoln Hotel on Tuesday, December 29 at 10am. For further phone Leonore on 0437 887 441 or Cindy on 0435 733 901.