Tuna biting across West Coast

BEACH: Callum Binder with a nice bronze whaler caught from the beach this week. Photo: supplied
BEACH: Callum Binder with a nice bronze whaler caught from the beach this week. Photo: supplied

Here's wishing everyone a safe and happy new year.

Here's what was biting and where.


King George whiting, salmon trout, tommies, snook and garfish have been caught in most bays along the West Coast.

For those looking for something a little different to chase, there are still some flathead in Venus and Streaky bays and offshore is seeing some nice gummys and bronzies being caught.

There are also plenty of kingfish, samson fish and nannygai being caught.

As the water is warming up, so is the tuna bite. Skirts and diving minnows trolled around where the birds are working is seeing some good results with tuna to 15kg being landed.

Schools of salmon have been reported on a few beaches. Convention seems to be holding them in close.


King George whiting, garfish, tommies and salmon trout have been caught along the ledge and close to town.

Snook, silver trevally and a few gummy sharks are also in the bay. Squid are hanging around the local jetties and are best at around dusk.

Farm Beach continues to provide some good catches of King George whiting, garfish, gummys and squid.

You do not need to go out very far to get a nice mixed bag. Squid baits are the best option, and squid jigs with the warm jacket option are performing well.

Offshore has seen a few tuna caught around Sir Isaacs and Rocky Island. Most of the tuna have been small, but a few have been around the 15kg mark.


Blue swimmer crabs are still being elusive, but are there if you are willing to put in a lot of effort for a few. Please make sure that your crabbing gear is legal, and check for size and females with eggs.

King George whiting, snook, salmon, garfish, tommys, and silver trevally have all been reported from around the local bays.

Kingfish between 60 and 100cm have been sighted in random spots. There seems to be a few hanging around in the marina most days.

Live baits and surface poppers are the best option for the kingies in the marina. Squid continue to be in large numbers in most areas.

The town jetty, wharf and caravan park jetty are all firing on small jigs. During the day, solid black or white jigs are working well, while after dark, almost any jig will jag a few.

A few tuna have been reported around the bottom of the passage close to the islands.

Blind trolling skirts and divers has been the best method, but there are not many around despite the large schools of bait fish in the area.


The town jetty and marina has provided plenty of holiday fun with King George whiting, snook, squid, yellowfin whiting, tommies and salmon trout in the area.

Boaties have been doing well at the group with King George whiting to 48cm and plenty of big squid and silver trevally.


Garfish, squid and tommies have been reported in good numbers from the local jetties.

King George whiting, squid and silver trevally are in good numbers not far from shore for the boaties when they have headed out.


Not much has changed over the last few weeks. Blue swimmer crabs are there in numbers but can be hard when the tides aren't moving much.

Yellowfin whiting are still in good numbers and have been caught on surface lures, clickers and prawns.