Camera club wraps up for 2020

The Port Lincoln Camera Club's final meeting for 2020 just before Christmas was well attended by members at a busy time of the year.

The outing started with judges' comments, with the judge being Townsville-based photographer Maureen Carthy.

Her comments and suggestions were well received, with constructive comments.

The special subject was the Gordon Fowler Bird prize, a perpetual trophy. With many brilliant photos submitted it was a hard job to determine a winner.

First prize went to Julie Lovegrove for 'Shrimp It Is', ahead of John Taylor with 'Frogmouth' and Janine Waters in third for 'Yellow Rumped Thornbill'.

Merits were awarded to Fran Solly, Janine Waters, Chris Georgiou, Julie Lovegrove, Jan Hetherington, Karen Miels, Heather Boothby and Pam Hewstone.

In the set subject, which was street photography, there were also a great number of impressive entries.

Karen Miels' 'Home Delivery' took the honours ahead of Fran Solly for 'Day in the Park' and her 'Caution' entry.

Merits went to Heather Boothby, Peg McAvaney and Karen Miels.

The open subject had a large number of entries, all to a high standard.

First prize went to Jan Hetherington for 'Flames and Ash Abstract', while Fran Solly's 'Kite Surfer' took second and 'Hang On' from Chris Georgiou was third.

Chris Georgiou, John Taylor and Di Laube received merits.

As it was the Christmas show there were also fun activities.

Fran Solly had been photographing various objects in Port Lincoln and showed a small portion of an image, and others had to guess where it was taken.

That left members racking their brains and agreeing they needed to take a walk around town and really observe the surroundings.

Another activity was photographing various Christmas decorations which were then placed in front of mirrors using smart phones.

The group finished with a festive supper and popular vote on the month's open and set subjects.

There will be no formal outing January due to the festive period.

The next general meeting will take place on Monday, January 25 from 6.45pm at the Senior Citizens Hall on Hallett Place. All are welcome to attend.