Roadies in close win | PHOTOS


Roadies def Squaws 6-4

Squaws started by finding the Roadies' talented infielders, while Roadrunners opened with two runs.

Squaws were swinging in the second but unable to score, with two strikeouts from talented Roadies pitcher Jess Jolly, as one run was earned by Roadies.

The third bat for both had three batters up and out in fast succession. Squaws' Quinne Skinn displayed her excellence in the field with a textbook double play from second base.

It was the same again for Squaws at the top of the fourth with all three batters hitting straight to a fielder, but they came back hard opening their fielding dig with a double play from veteran star Jennie-Lee Te Wano followed by a safe hit from Tessa Rusden and another Te Wano assist.

The teams traded runs in the fifth, with four scored by the Squaws and Roadies hitting back.

Flawless Roadies' fielding gave Squaws little in the sixth, before picking up a run, while Roadies made light work of Squaws in the seventh to end the game.

BATTING: Roadrunners: Amelia Rusden (3 from 4), Tessa Rusden (2 from 3). Squaws: Alana Jantke, Kimberley Simes, Jennie-Lee Te Wano, Claire Norsworthy (all 1 from 3). FIELDING: Roadrunners: Jess Jolly (3 strikeouts, 1 out, 3 assists), Brooke Neindorf (10 outs). Squaws: Kia Bascomb (3 outs, 1 assist), Jennie-Lee TeWano (2 outs, 3 assists).

Eagles def Shields 12-0

Eagles dominated this match, opening their book with three runs at the top of the second.

They unleashed their hitting talents in the third dig as seven runs were scored, with safe infield hits coming from the majority of the line-up as they found gaps to advance runners.

Shields were hitting but straight to fielders and could not get on the board.

The fourth bat had Eagles hitting the singles to keep Shields' infielders on their toes although no runs crossed.

Shields put bat to ball with hard luck landing into the open glove of Eliza Jacob at left field returning them to the bench quicker than anticipated.

Eagles continued to dominate at bat and with the ball, with Hayley Wisemen throwing down two strikeouts plus a catch from Daranee Kanplong to end the match.

BATTING: Eagles: Koren Jenkins (3 from 3), Michaela Davis, Mary McCarthy (both 3 from 4). Shields: Holley Shepperd (2 from 3), Porscha Shepperd (1 from 2). FIELDING: Eagles: Hayley Wiseman (8 strikeouts, 1 out), Sarah Laube (4 outs). Shields: Holley Shepperd (5 outs), Kaidy Morgan (1 out, 2 assists).


Roadies def Squaws 12-4

This was a fast-paced game in which Squaws opened with three runs, only to be matched by Roadies.

Squaws could not add to the tally in the second and Roadies made them pay with seven runs. There were many hits to the outfield getting runners around the diamond, with Kiara Newman hitting a brilliant double to centre field.

Squaws grabbed one run in the third as patient batting paid off for Roadies to get two runners home, while the fourth inning was another short stint.

There were no more runs scored as Roadies picked up a big win.

BATTING: Roadrunners: Tanya Habner, Elisa Heath (both 2 from 3). Squaws: Jakoda Skinn (2 from 3), Livinia Kerley (1 from 2). FIELDING: Roadrunners: Tanya Habner (3 strikeouts, 1 out, 1 assist), Bron Warland (7 outs). Squaws: Suzanne Scanlon (5 strikeouts, 1 out, 1 assist), Brooke Harvey (5 outs).

Shields def Eagles 14-5

Tara Welsh helped to restrict Eagles in the first, as the Tigers came out strong to amass a staggering 12 runs with all nine batters hitting safely.

Billie Jenkins opened the top of the second with a scorching home run, but Shields added two run to their tally.

Eagles clawed three runs back in the third and another in the fourth, before Shields pitcher Brooke Matcham executed a smooth double play to end the game.

BATTING: Shields: Zoey Muller (3 from 3), Cassandra Bilney, Cammy Grantham (both 2 from 3). Eagles: Billie Jenkins (1 from 1-home run), Mel Sewer, Kelly Sewer, Daranee Kanplong (all 1 from 2). FIELDING: Shields: Tara Welsh (3 strikeouts, 4 assists), Brooke Matcham (7 outs, 1 assist). Eagles: Mel Sewer (2 out, 1 assist), Jesse Sewer (1 out, 1 assist).


Squaws drew with Roadies 4-4

The littlest Indian ladies were the first to bat and started the year with a cracking double-base hit from superstar Anna Te Wano for a run, although Roadies opened their tally with four runs scored as patience paid off.

The red and whites were unable to reduce the deficit in the second, but did grab three runs at the top of the third to level the match.

Roadies could not push players around the diamond and it proved the same scenario for both teams in the fourth for a tense draw.

BATTING: Squaws: Anna TeWano (2 from 3), Mahlia Vlassco, Jorja Defelice (both 1 from 1). Roadrunners: Jessica Woolford (2 from 2), Tanayah D'Agostini, Lily O'Leary (both 1 from 2).

FIELDING: Squaws: Anna Te Wano (4 strikeouts, 1 out, 1 assist), Kia Bascomb, Shadya Kerley (both 1 out). Roadrunners: Kiara Newman (6 strikeouts, 2 outs), Jessica Woolford (2 outs).

Eagles drew with Shields 9-9

Eagles opened with five runs in an impressive first innings as patience paid off advancing runners before Taylor Darby, who stepped up from Shields to play for a short-sided Eagles team, smacked a stellar double-bagger to left field.

Shields responded by crossing four runners home as Darby made all three outs against her regular teammates, but Eagles found their rhythm with the bat to increase the lead with four runs in the second.

The black and golds crossed five runners over home plate.

The third and final bat for the game saw some great hits from Eagles and Taylor Darby sent another home run to left field before time was called and scores reverted.

BATTING: Eagles: Taylor Darby (3 from 3 inc 2 home runs), Kelly Sewer (3 from 3). Shields: Eliza Hartwich, Lily Muller (both 2 from 2). FIELDING: Eagles: Taylor Darby (2 strikeouts, 2 outs, 1 assist), Ella Wiseman (1 out). Shields: Lily Muller (3 strikeouts, 1 out), Grea Wise, Porscha Shepperd (1 assist each).