Lock duo claim Australia Day awards

Lisa Kammermann headlines the Elliston District Council's 2021 Australia Day awards as the Citizen of the Year.

She has received the award alongside Toni Sheridan who was named as the winner of the Award for Active Citizenship.

Mrs Kammermann has been an integral part of the Lock community for a number of years.

She has been involved with various community groups, including with the Lock Uniting Church, Lock Football Club Ladies Auxiliary Committee, Lock Area School Governing Council, Lock Netball Club and Lock's SA Ambulance Service brigade.

In 2017 she was awarded her 15-year pin and is still serving.

All the while she has played her part on the family farm with her husband Phil and in raising their four children Thomas, Maddisen, Fletcher and Joshua.

Mrs Kammermann said it was a surprise to win the award and that she enjoyed doing what she could to help the community.

"I do it all because it keeps my brain active and stretches me a bit," she said.

"I've been part of the ambulance for nearly 20 years and it's a great opportunity to help out your community.

"It's vital we keep the ambulance service in our little town - we don't have a hospital and the ambulance is the next step."

Mrs Kammermann said she supported her children where she could by getting involved in their sporting clubs and school activities and with community numbers declining, wanted to maintain her role with the ambulance service.

Mrs Sheridan is known in Lock for her Italian cooking, including being the chef when the Lock Football Club Ladies Auxiliary Committee catered morning tea for up to 60 visiting members of the touring Variety Moto Run Rally at short notice last October.

She was the chief organiser for the morning tea in what was a bright light for the Lock community amid the gloom of cancelled events and COVID-19 restrictions.

She is at the forefront of community service when it comes to catering, with pizza her specialty.

Mrs Sheridan caters for the local senior citizens on an annual pizza day at her homestead, while in 2014 led the catering for that year's Variety Bash, feeding more than 220 visitors.

She said this was her way of helping the community.

"You do things because you want to and to help the community, not to win awards," she said.

"I have used food as a way of doing things for the community.

"The Lock community is very giving and supportive, and wherever this is a need they are there."

Mrs Sheridan said it was something she enjoyed and would continue to help out with wherever there was a need.

The community breakfast will be at Lock Community Park at 8am followed by the awards presentation at 9am.

The Australia Day ambassador is Michael O'Connell.

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