Countdown to issues with Whalers Way rocket launch site

Regarding the letter from Trent Jenkins (January 20) in support of the rocket launch facility at Whalers Way.

Trent neglects to mention some of the downsides of such a facility.

For starters, placing an experimental rocket facility in the middle of at least 10,000 hectares of impenetrable mallee scrub might not be that smart for several reasons.

The main is the subsequent catastrophic bushfires with each misfire taking out at least 20 homes every time.

An exclusion zone of 20km for each firing means no access to Sleaford, Lone Pine or Fishery Bay.

At least 30 residences will have to be evacuated each time.

If they start firing every day, imagine the loss of tourist dollars and cost to locals, In any case, Whalers Way will be off-limits permanently.

I could go on with reasons why it is a really dumb idea. To the people of Lower Eyre, do not let the rocket merchants get a foot in the door or you will be sorry.


Port Lincoln


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