Lincoln's cinema has to be saved

The Port Lincoln Cinema is an important viable building, business and a link to the past, not forgetting the Baptist Church.

Ugly, not-needed new buildings seem to be popular with local government. Perhaps they like to leave their mark on their time.

Replacing the theatre with a 50-seat boutique theatre is a joke and its viability would have to be questioned.

It is an insult to the theatre owners.

Council economic decisions would have to be questioned, for example the leisure centre and their other grandiose thoughts.

Cost over-runs lead to increased rates. Coming from Port Augusta, we saw the results of poor council decisions. We don't need this here.

Protect the past and maintain our heritage and replace only when actually needed.


Port Lincoln

Consultation needed on theatre future

There must be more consultation between council and public regarding the economic stimulus projects.

The Flinders Cinema will be demolished and "though not a core component they would consider a cinema facility in the new construction".

Is there any need to spend $12,240,000 to have the library and visitors centre under one roof? On this corner?

The "boutique" cinema with 50 seats and tiny café would be expected to pay $60,000 rent. "If" council provides a facility.

There are assumptions that this corner would be visitors' first stop after a considerable drive and it is likely they will use the toilets, seek refreshment and possibly something to eat. We have wonderful cafes in our town.

The lovely old building means a lot to many people. Since council purchased it, they received $30,000 rent yearly plus rates.

The Lincoln Cinema is a fantastic asset to the town. It quickly became a wonderful and popular venue for all ages and tastes.

It supports the free Nunga Film event, the film society and does fundraisers. It is a cinema showing recent releases and it supports a thriving Australian Film Industry.

In a remote country town, there should be no question of retaining a proper decent-sized cinema.

An architect could retain and include the Federation facade and incorporate it into a new design.

Have your say at the council website before February 19


Port Lincoln

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