The Informer: Another 'please explain' moment for the government

"None of this is good enough and the federal government must explain itself," Premier Palaszczuk said.

It was the start to Australia's biggest vaccination program no-one wanted or anticipated: two elderly people were given the wrong dose of the COVID-19 vaccination.

The two people involved, an 88-year-old man and a 94-year-old woman, live at the Holy Spirit Nursing Home in Brisbane. The injections were given consecutively and the nurse on site raised the alarm that a mistake had been made.

Healthcare Australia is investigating the incident, but if that wasn't bad enough, federal Health Minister Greg Hunt told the parliament: "Healthcare Australia has also advised that this doctor has not been involved in the vaccine roll-out in any other facilities."

The federal government's deputy chief medical officer Prof Paul Kidd, who is also a GP, will review the error and make recommendations about any changes needed.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has demanded a national cabinet meeting as soon as possible.

"None of this is good enough and the federal government must explain itself," Premier Palaszczuk told the Queensland parliament.

The need for explanations from Canberra continued on another front as the timeline surrounding who knew what when regarding 2019 rape allegations inside Parliament House evolved further today.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has been significantly involved today while the PM has faced continued questioning about when he found out about the incident.

A key player in the allegations raised by former Liberal staffer Brittany Higgins, Senator Linda Reynolds, was hospitalised as a precautionary measure on Wednesday morning.

She was taken to Canberra Hospital following advice from her cardiologist relating to a pre-existing medical condition.

Ms Higgins said she genuinely hoped the minister was OK and wished her all the best with her recovery.

"Let's just hope that from this whole horrible situation there will actually be some fundamental reform to the MOP(S) Act for vulnerable staff and improvements to the workplace culture in Parliament House," she tweeted.

There are four inquiries into different aspects of the culture inside Parliament House, what the prime minister's office knew about the allegations and complaints processes.

Anne Tiernan's article in The Canberra Times digs even deeper. As the headline says: Yes, the culture in Parliament House is appalling. But there are systemic problems that also need urgent reform.

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