Port Lincoln action group forming to provide a voice

CONCERNED: Diana Mislov with a group of Port Lincoln residents interested in being a part of the new group.
CONCERNED: Diana Mislov with a group of Port Lincoln residents interested in being a part of the new group.

A new group is being formed to represent Port Lincoln residents and ratepayers with the first meeting to be held Thursday night at the Kirton Point Bowling Club.

The new action group has come together following the community meeting at the Port Lincoln Yacht Club on February 13 to Port Lincoln City Council's economic stimulus project plans.

Community member Diana Mislov, who organised the February 13 meeting, said she wanted to keep the momentum and get the community together to form an action group to work through the objectives that came out of the meeting and provide more of a voice.

"They want to be heard, they want to be listened to and have an avenue to approach council for some of their concerns," she said.

"I think they feel they haven't been consulted with and would like to be involved in some of the decision making affecting our community."

Among the forefront of issues among the community members relates to the council's plan, which includes the potential loss of the Flinders Theatre and Baptist Church and redevelopment of the foreshore jetty precinct.

Local resident Annette Harder has expressed interest in being involved and said she disagreed with the council's plans, including for the foreshore.

"IOur foreshore is magnificent, we should just leave it as it is," she said.

Ms Mislov said while the group was focused on the council's strategic projects, it would focus on other long term goals.

"I'm hoping that we can carry that momentum through and actually have a bit of a longer term vision for an action group or a progress association," she said.

"But the mood the moment we really are concerned about the theatre, concerned about our foreshore, storm water is a priority, the sea wall, parking, all of those things so I think it's really nice to have an avenue for concerned citizens to have their voice heard.

The meeting will be at the bowling club on London Street from 7pm for anyone interested in being a part of the group to formalise and work out objectives.