Crocodile sightings and residents evacuated to safety as the Daly River continues to flood

Water has inundated Wooliana Road in the Daly River. Picture: Daly River Barra Resort.
Water has inundated Wooliana Road in the Daly River. Picture: Daly River Barra Resort.

One household has been relocated to safety and large saltwater crocodiles have been found swimming dangerously close to flooded communities in the Daly River region.

A flood warning was issued for the Daly River community last Wednesday following widespread rainfall drenching the catchment.

The Bureau of Meteorology advised the river peaked at 13.82 metres at 2pm on Tuesday. Levels dropped to 13.76 metres yesterday and is expected to remain steady.

Superintendent Kirk Pennuto said the Daly is expected to remain high over the coming days before a significant "drop back".

He warned large crocodiles in the area continue to be of concern, despite Parks and Wildlife officers implementing croc management strategies in the Daly River.

"Several large crocs have been seen around the community. It's really important that people continue to be crocwise and stay away out of the water - the risk is real," he said.

"The river reached 13.82m at the Daly River Police Station gauge," Superintendent Pennuto said.

"It was necessary to assist the occupants of one household to relocate within the community to an alternative place of safety as a precautionary measure.

"With the community being so supportive of one another, we did not need to activate the emergency shelter that had been set up at the local school."

Supt. Pennuto said that while the Bureau has forecast a drop in water levels soon, the flood risks remain.

"The Emergency services and their partners consider that we are still actively responding to a flood event in the community and the environment contains many potential risks; this is not over yet and everyone who is affected must remain vigilant. The community of Naiuyu remains isolated but safe and they have ample provisions," he said.

"The community is being supported by government and non-government partners. We are providing activities for the kids and young people, and we're doing welfare checks on people who live outside the community but within the flood affected area as well."

According to a police statement, Wooliana Road remains closed until further notice.

Police are urging residents in the communities of Nauiyu and the Daly River region to continue to use the town water carefully until full supplies are restored.

Police said the tap water is "perfectly safe to drink".

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