Once history is gone, it is forever

Once history is gone, it is forever

I am writing with regards to suggestions by Council to demolish the Flinders Theatre built in 1929 by Mrs. R.L. MacGregor. The building was to last forever, being the first poured cement structure.

Also, demolition of the Baptist Church built in the year 1864.

After extensive renovations, the building was re-opened for public worship by the president of the Baptist Union on July 7, 1919. The Manse was opened early in 1925, and the Hall in 1929

The residence of Port Lincoln are very proud of their provincial city and have always wanted to share it with tourists far and wide.

Not only the beauty of this seaside city and our natural friendliness also the history, of Matthew Flinders back in the year 1802 founders of this glorious peninsula.

Also, if you read the book on Edward John Eyre and how he explored the Peninsula in the year 1901 this wonderful book is available in Port Lincoln.

Surely your town planner can find other buildings to be demolished for "fifty five car parks"?

Having car parks for locals, visitors and tourists pulling a caravan, and motor homes etc, at that extremely busy bend not only with extremely large transport, and trucks, and when school comes out, it is a frightening thought, an extraordinary danger spot.

When a historical building is gone, it is forever...do you want to be recognised as the council in the year 2021 who bulldozed historical buildings still proudly standing in our city...just for a car park!


Port Lincoln


I write in support of Merrick Savage (January 26th), and all other people brave enough to "come out of the woodwork" to protect our wild and fragile spaces.

In support of all those people who realise that you need to stand up and speak to prevent environmental degradation.

In support of everyone who will not be shouted down in the name of "jobs and growth!"

Make no mistake though, shouted down you will be if you oppose Southern Launch's development plans at Whalers Way.

That it's a small scale project with no significant impact on the environment; that there will be no bushfire risk; that new wax based rocket propellants have no pollutant properties, that launching a rocket as loud as a rock concert will be pleasantly received by surrounding wildlife!

There are many vested interests in ensuring the public of Port Lincoln believe this project has no downsides.

I strongly encourage everyone to learn the true details of this proposed development.

All the information regarding it will soon be made public with Southern Launch's response to the Environmental Assessment statement available at the SA State Planning Website portal.

Don't let the rocket merchants get a foot in the door. Save Whalers Way.


Port Lincoln


I make the following observations in relation to the Port Lincoln City Council's projects.

1. Council should be commended for identifying the constructive opportunity to amalgamate its Washington Street car park with the adjoining Anglican Church site.

Hopefully, the church will be supportive.

2. Council's ill conceived foreshore project substitutes 21 on site parks with 55 sites provided 235 metres distant across a major freight corridor alongside a very busy roundabout.

All other planning issues aside, this one issue should result in the new Statewide Planning System refusing approval of the council's concept project.

3. There is widespread community opposition to demolishing Flinders Theatre and the Baptist Church.

However, by preserving the two existing buildings and demolishing all other associated lean-tos, rubbish, sheds and associated clutter will deliver a large, clear site.

Proper water drainage with footpaths around both buildings will ensure many decades of continued use for a fraction of the cost of the council's envisioned over-cluttered plan.

The cleared site will clearly carry substantial car parking together with a two lane Tolmer Lane existing past the CWA building, thus easing traffic congestion on the nearby roundabout.

Probably, more than 55 parks will be created with this less intensive concept.

Inevitably this revised concept will receive widespread community support.

I'm most disappointed with the intentions of the Port Lincoln City Council.


Boston Island