Monthly meeting includes first tutorial session | PHOTOS

The Port Lincoln Camera Club's latest meeting was hosted on Monday, February 22 and was particularly well attended, including several visitors.

President Hamish Robertson welcomed everybody and after a few announcements and general information came the judges' comments for the monthly subjects.

The set subject, which was 'At the Beach', saw first place go to Fran Solly for her 'Moreton Bay' photograph, ahead of Peg McAvaney's 'Beach Walkers' in second and 'Let's Have Some Privacy' from Lesley Scarman in third.

First place in the open subject went to Peg McAvaney's 'I'm Eating Dinner', finishing ahead of Lesley Scarman with 'Taking a Stand'.

In third place was Chris Georgiou for 'Dance of the Osprey', while Fran Solly received a merit for 'Great White'.

As usual, the photographs submitted to the competitions were of a high standard, which made the judging difficult.

The group then had a short break for tea and coffee, and for the popular vote in which photos are displayed on boards and those present are given an opportunity to judge the entries.

They take into consideration whether the photograph is telling a story, if the rule of thirds has been followed, and in the set subject whether the photograph adheres to the definition the subject has been given.

It is also a good time to discuss all things photographic with other members, and to socialise.

Fran Solly then presented the first of her tutorials, which she is calling 'Back to Basics'.

The first session was on light and she demonstrated on her model 'Mandy' how important light is in portrait photography.

Light is also an important factor in landscape photography, and the time of day can be critical in this type of photography.

Often, the blue hour and the golden hour are important - the blue hour is the time of day before sunrise and after sunset when the atmosphere takes a deep, dark blue colour, while the golden hour is the last hour before sunset and the first hour after sunrise which can produce the perfect light to capture great photos.

Ms Solly then went on to demonstrate basic editing in Lightroom.

There are many editing programs available, some needing a subscription and some being free.

This session was very well received and the club's new members will benefit from these sessions, while it will be a refresher for older members.

The next session will be on composition.

The club's next general meeting is on Monday, March 22 at 6.45pm for a 7pm start.

All are welcome to attend.