Information sought on fishing vessel

Can anybody please advise any information on the fishing vessel 'Almonta' which worked from your port catching bluefin tuna? Is the vessel still working?

Thank you for your assistance.


Castle Hill, NSW

Cricket coverage is lacking

To the person attached to the Port Lincoln Cricket Association who continually updates their website with up-to-date scores for the first round of finals, I say thank you very much.

I knew by just after 5pm on Sunday that my old club, Wayback, had been rolled for a dismal 58, in reply to the Roosters 161 for 9.

To see one of my first SAPSASA boys take 5/7 in a final at A grade level was heartwarming for me as I go through a bad patch with my health.

I must say I have found the promotion of cricket in this paper has been totally underwhelming.

Well done to the scribe who obviously each week sat down with the relevant scorebooks or cards, and made up a story from them. It was so obvious.

I much prefer the old system where clubs were responsible for their own match write-ups on a rotation basis.

At least that way you had some idea of the ebb and flow of matches, the characters and the memorable performances, written in a different way from article to article.

I found this season's match reports just for A grade (nothing for the Bs or the colts) to be boring to read. I acknowledge the effort behind the reports, but I just don't get the reasons for it.

There were also no match previews, you had no idea what players were doing well unless you kept your own figures from the scorecards in this paper, you also had no idea of what the premiership table was.

I thought the softball association's efforts to promote their sport were outstanding, and the cricket hierarchy could learn a lot from them in my opinion.

Best of luck to Charlton and Tasman this weekend, where Luke Strudwick, the player previously mentioned, comes up against his old club.

Bring it on.


Port Lincoln

Chief executive says farewell

On February 19 I announced my intention to retire as Uniting Country SA and Uniting Country Housing's (UCSA|UCH) chief executive officer.

I believe now is the right time to say farewell to UCSA and UCH and begin retirement.

This decision has definitely been one of the hardest of my life and I can genuinely say that I have loved every minute of working for this organisation, in particular the people I have worked with and the people that the organisation works to support.

However, the time has come for me to spend more time doing things with, and for my family, doing some things to try and maintain my health and generally slowing down a little.

When I first took on the role of chief executive the organisation had 60 staff and one office located in Port Pirie.

Over the 17 years of my tenure the organisation has grown to over 300 staff and 100 volunteers operating from 27 sites across country South Australia.

UCSA and UCH now supports individuals and families in Ceduna, Clare, Coober Pedy, Indulkana, Kadina, Peterborough, Port Augusta, Port Lincoln, and Port Pirie.

The organisation has worked to keep the needs of country people in the minds of key decision makers in government and other peak body organisations.

There are some fundamentals to leading an organisation, including leaving your ego at the door and always remembering that no one person in an organisation is more important than anyone else.

The key to everything is respect, respect for yourself and for the people you work with and for.

I know a leader is only ever as good as the people around them and I have had some amazing people around me which has meant this agency has gone from strength to strength in servicing the people who seek our assistance.

What I am most looking forward to in my retirement is spending time with my family, as well as taking the time to enjoy the small things in life like going out for lunch with friends.

I look forward to continuing to give back to my community through new ways

I will remain the chief executive until an appropriate candidate is appointed by the board over the next few months.


Outgoing Uniting Country SA chief executive officer