Thevenard silos turned into sea of colour as part of update

The Thevenard silos have been turned into a sea of colour thanks to the installation of lights.

Following a proposal from the Thevenard Ratepayers and Residents Group, with assistance from the Ceduna Foreshore Hotel Motel, Ceduna District Council and Viterra, the silos have been lit up at night in recent weeks.

The installation of 14 lights has provided maximum viewing appeal across the bay from Ceduna, while being visible to travellers approaching the town from both the east and west.

Hotel board member Craig Irvine said when initially installed they were not too bright, but they had been working through issues to ensure the lights would be at their full potential.

"We are tinkering with the lights and they are getting brighter," he said.

"The lights purchased are the same as in Port Lincoln, and we are getting positive feedback from people in Thevenard.

"It adds colour and helps to make the place look better, and that's what we want to do."

Mr Irvine said the lights, which typically cycle through a number of colours during the night, could also be lit up in one colour for special occasions, such as turning pink for breast cancer awareness.

He said the cost of the lights and installation was about $35,000, funded by the hotel and council, with Viterra paying for ongoing power costs.

Thevenard Ratepayers and Residents Group secretary/treasurer Chris Gascoyne said she was happy with the look of the silos at night.

"They do look nice and it is a bonus for the town," she said.

"They add a bit more colour to Thevenard and it is something different from the silo paintings you see, although they are nice too.

"They are brighter now than when they were first installed and they could adjust them a bit higher up, but it looks good."