LETTERS: Rethink council proposals

LETTERS: Rethink council proposals

To the City Council of Port Lincoln regarding the new plans for the foreshore and the library complex - I wish to express my opposition, as a ratepayer of more than 70 years. The library complex is planned for the worst possible location at the intersection of two of the busiest roads in Port Lincoln.

In recent years, with the closure of grain freight by rail, it has become worse still, not to mention four schools plus a kindergarten with more than 2000 children coming and going each day. I have done the school run many times over the years so I know how hectic it can be.

From the picture in the Times - the proposed structure on the foreshore, with a "lookout" on top of the toilets, is the ugliest thing I have ever seen. It will ruin our beautiful beach area. The money could be far better spent with a little more thought on the disadvantages of these decisions.


Port Lincoln

Figures not emotion

While men and women are now participating in the same codes of competition, AFL, NRL, BBL, NBL and A League, once the sole domain of men, there are significant differences which determine participants salaries and condtions. The length of competition, crowd and supporter levels, sponsorship, broadcast rights, skill level and marketability all play a part in determining size of playing contracts that can be sustained, in men's' or women's competitions. Given that male competitions are long established and have been traditionally played for decades, administrators are able to offer their players contracts which are commensurate with the income generated and which their chosen code can finance.

To expect women's codes, many of which have only be operating for much shorter periods, to receive pay parity with male counterparts, when the income generated by each of their codes at present does not allow this, is unjustifiable at this stage. With the expected growth and development of each of the women's codes, increasing their salaries may well be achievable in the future. To demand pay parity now is inequitable, given the huge differences which exist between the male and female codes.



Launch into trouble

I simply cannot let the article "Southern Launch announces agreement" (Port Lincoln Times, March 18) go unchallenged. The weather conditions as I write this on April 13 have alerted me once again to the absurdity of their claim that they are hoping to conduct 600 to 1000 launches a year.

Where in the article does it state that an extremely comprehensive list of environmental (and other) considerations will need to be adequately addressed before any such ideas can proceed? May I once again alert your readers to this proposal and urge them to do their own research.

Here are only some of the issues to consider: fire risk, geological (that is limestone caves substrata), access for large numbers of heavy vehicles on a daily basis along the edge of unstable cliffs on an unsealed road, rare birds and untouched habitat, rezoning what has recently been zoned coastal conservation by the DCLEP, marine parks and fishing zones and setting up what is essentially an industrial complex on what until now has been a favourite place of sanctuary for locals and visitors for a very long time.

I suggest that if your readers wish to enjoy Whalers Way as they have been accustomed to, they had better visit it while they still can.



Blind faith peril

They pray, they sing and they chant in unison and burn incense. They sacrifice time to a never-heard, never-seen non-entity.

This is considered sane if done in certain buildings among like-minded people. If an individual did the same in a public place, a street, or footpath, he or she would be seen by observers to have serious and worrying mental health issues.

Our leader talks of religious freedom and the rights of religion, but gives no consideration to the rights or freedoms of the children born into these religions, children who are brainwashed from the time of their first breath, children who are offered no freedom, no choice and are forced to copy their parents who themselves were brainwashed into this antiquated foolishness.

Religions use every leverage to entice and recruit with their cruel false promises of eternal life and the reuniting with lost love ones, the fear of death, of God, the devil, and hell, and the euphoria and social comfort of becoming a member of an assimilated indoctrinated collective.

We must not allow primitive ignorance from the dark ages to think for us.


Port Lincoln