Marble Range beat Wayback by at Centenary

CLASH: Marble Range's Billy Byass and Wayback's Brett Woolford contest the ball in the A grade match at Centenary on Saturday.
CLASH: Marble Range's Billy Byass and Wayback's Brett Woolford contest the ball in the A grade match at Centenary on Saturday.


MARBLE RANGE 9.15 (69) DEF WAYBACK 4.5 (29)

With the wind playing a major factor Marble Range got home against Wayback in a hard fought game. With a number of players missing Rangers will only improve especially if they get their kicking right.

Wayback were first into attack to see Jack Hegarty goal and within two minutes Rangers goaled through Daniel Minney and Gil Casanova with pace combining for Casanova to goal.

Minutes later Casanova goaled again as he was running riot in the forward lines, setting his team up but they wasted their chances in front of goal and could have sealed the game there and then. At quarter time Marble Range led 2.5 (17) to Wayback 1.0 (6).

The second started the same as the first goal went to Wayback with Levi Konitzka taking a strong mark and goaling.


The duel between Sam Heinjus and Jed Woolford in ruck was enthralling, Xavier Watson and Shaun Maxfield, along with Greg Maxfield were keeping Wayback in the game but the Rangers backline led by Zac Calderwood and Ned Brooks kept them at bay.

With a couple of hard clashes from both sides it was not easy to get a kick, shown by the two goals for the quarter. Marble Range 3.9 (27) led Wayback 2.2 (14) at half time.

Wayback were once again into attack early and through strong marking by Konitzka goaled.

This woke the Rangers up as their skills improved and with Minney causing problems with his pace he kicked two goals for the quarter, along with Billy Byass who read the wind perfectly to also goal as the Rangers skipped away to a five-goal lead.

However they were still offline as Wayback's Ian Jericho and Beau Sampson worked themselves into the game but were not getting a lot of support from their teammates to see the Rangers going into the last quarter 6.14 (50) to 3.3 (21).

As they had all match Wayback were once again into attack with James Blewit goaling as his team could not find a forward due to the Rangers' pressure from its backline.

Tynan Keeley, who had played well all day took a couple of strong marks and finished with two goals for the quarter.

When Kade Dufek was hit head high and received a 25-metre penalty to kick his second goal, the Rangers ran out winners by six goals.

Best for Rangers was Zac Calderwood who helped keep Jonty Seal goalless in a faultless game, Daniel Minney with his pace and and two goals, Ned Brooks was ever reliable down back while Jordan Clements, Lance Appleby and Boyd West were next best.

For Wayback Xavier Watson in the middle gave his team plenty of drive, Ian Jericho down back worked hard, Ben Sampson, Levi Konitzka and Sam Heinjus were also good.


MALLEE PARK 14.8 (92) DEF TASMAN 12.3 (75)

Mallee Park took on Tasman under lights at Ravendale, with the home side celebrating Ben Daniels' 150th game.

The first quarter showed this was going to be a tight contest as Tasman managed to keep up with the quick ball movement from the Peckers side.

A trio of Peckers would stake their claim to the centre clearances, captain Jayden Roderick used his size to take on the packs and powerful boot to clear the ball from trouble, while Waylon Miller and Kingsley Bilney Jnr provided the run to elude Tasman's midfielders.

However Tasman had several players stand up, Tyson Jenner was a strong mark and was effective with his disposals, Jacob Collins provided run out of the midfield and back half and Brent Harris provided a reliable marking target up forward.

Tasman got the first major on the board through Max Buckland but the Peckers had the answer through Hippy Wanganeen. These were the only goals scored as Mallee Park led 1.2 (8) to 1.1 (7) at quarter time.

This was Mallee Park's quarter as they commanded control in the midfield and set up multiple shots on goal. Roderick and Miller continued to have an impact in the middle with the Pecker defenders David Murray and Jerome Ah Kit-Burgoyne deflecting a lot of Tasman's attack.

Ron Carbine and Quade Ware also contributed in moving the ball out of the back half while up forward Sanjayson Hanuman and Ali Johncock showcased silky skills on penetrating the 50 and setting up attack.

The Peckers were rewarded with six goals while Tasman were kept to one major to set up a 34-point lead at half time.

Tasman turned the game around in the third quarter, showing they had the legs to keep up with this Peckers outfit.

Collins and Jenner continued to lift the Roosters with the possessions and use of the footy, Joe Harris showcased his own pace moving the ball down the wing while B. Harris and Cooper Perham provided targets up forward.

The Tasman defence also lifted with Nathan Frost in particular turning the ball back into Tasman favour with Jace Rodda and Toby Wright also contributing.

Tasman outscored Mallee Park six goals to two to bring the margin down to nine points at the final break, Mallee Park 9.6 (60) to Tasman 8.3 (51).

Both teams came out firing in the final quarter but Mallee Park had the upper hand early with goals to K. Bilney, Justin Long and Hanuman before Tasman scored the next two through B. Harris and two from Tyson Collins.

Free kicks proved costly for Tasman as Mallee Park sealed the win with two more goals, a final goal from Jackson Tansell was consolation for Tasman as the Peckers went on to win by 17 points.

The midfield trio of Roderick, W. Miller and K. Bilney set up Mallee Park's play nicely in the midfield while Ah Kit-Burgoyne and Murray shined with their defensive pressure.

For Tasman Jenner and Collins impressed with their use of the ball, B. Harris provided a strong marking option off half forward, Nathan Frost was the best of Tasman's defenders while young guns including J. Harris, Perham and J. Tansell.

WRAPPED UP: Boston's James Neale puts the tackle to Lincoln South's Cohen Dinnison as Boston's Aaron Little and South's Sam Beare await the outcome.

WRAPPED UP: Boston's James Neale puts the tackle to Lincoln South's Cohen Dinnison as Boston's Aaron Little and South's Sam Beare await the outcome.


LINCOLN SOUTH 27.12 (174) DEF BOSTON 6.2 (38)

Lincoln South put on a dominant performance against Boston at Poole Oval on Saturday.

The Tigers had the early breakthrough with the first few inside 50s and a free kick and 25m penalty to Daniel Cummings gave Boston their first goal of the 2021 season.

However Souths soon had a response with Jake Turner, setting himself for a big game with his ball movement down the wing, hitting Ben Shillabeer who kicked his first goal.

Souths were getting on top with their control of the ball in the midfield, starting with the ruck work of Hayden Carey who also showed effective ball movement and ability to turn over the ball while skipper Luke Wilkins worked to clear the ball out of the centre.

Turner would play a big part in moving the ball down the wings all day and Levi McDonald would insert himself into any contest for the contested ball.

A strong start saw Souths finish with nine scoring shots for six goals, while Boston managed one more goal through captain Adam Davies to see Souths lead 6.3 (39) to 2.0 (12) at quarter time.

Souths would seal the win in the second quarter, with its defenders cutting off any potential Boston attack, its midfield setting up shots on goal with superior ball movement and the forwards finishing the job.

The defensive which included Aiden Baker, Zane Montgomerie, Max Williams and Jack Ramsey kept the Tigers to just one behind for the quarter while in the middle Carey continued to stand out with his ruck work and clearances.

Wilkins and Turner continued to play big roles in the middle, as did Coen Taylor who found space and played his part to get the ball towards the 50 to hit key forward targets in Shillabeer, Brodie Drewitt and Kadyn Bryant.

A nine goal quarter saw Lincoln South go to an 85-point lead at half time, 15.8 (98) to 1.2 (13). Boston had had their best quarter in the third as they started to get the ball more into their 50.

Leading the way all day was coach Brad Keast who showed his high level experience in clearing the ball out of danger, Tom Whitehair was fearless in winning the contested ball and Jack Shanley was doing his best to match Carey in the ruck.

In defence Billy Wheare and Tynan Hill were among those making the Souths earn the inside 50s while Cummings also stood up in the back 50 and Sunny Singh provided a good marking option at half forward.

Boston kicked four goals for the quarter, however Souths still had the upper hand with another five goals to go into the final break with a 92-point lead, 20.9 (129) to 6.1 (37).

Souths finished the job in the final quarter and despite a better third quarter, Boston could not get on top in the midfield as the Eagles made the most of clearances.

The Tigers were once again kept to just one behind while the Eagles kicked seven more goals, including three from Blake Montgomerie who got Souths fans cheering.

Shillabeer kicked his fifth for the day with a free kick after the siren for Souths to run out 136-point winners. Shillabeer looks to be a key part of Souths' forward attack with his solid marking and goal sense, as will Drewitt and Bryant who both kicked four for the day.

Other best players for Souths included Carey, Wilkins, Turner and Taylor while best for Boston were Keast, Cummings, Whitehair and Shanley.


Boston under 17 recruit Connor Roberson had a day out in his side's big win over Lincoln South at Poole Oval.

Playing through the midfield Roberson dominated the clearances and contested ball counts and sent his team into attack on numerous occasions to be a clear best on ground and mark himself as a player of the future.

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