Lock win by 36 at Ungarra in Great Flinders netball

Roos bound to win against Saints at Ungarra



It was a warm one to start the A grade game at Ungarra. Lock started with the first pass but errors from both teams with plenty of turnovers before Lock scored the first goal a few minutes into the game.

Eyre United took awhile to settle before the first goal was scored through Stratford, followed quickly by a goal to Lock. Errors by both teams still before Lock settled comfortably in the second half of the first quarter.

Eyre United were more patient through the mid court but couldn't capitalise on the goals. Beautiful driving by both teams mid courts but Eyre United unable to goal.

Young defenders for Eyre United work hard in the goal circle making it difficult for the Lock goalies to shoot. Lock's patience in the goal end and working the ball around gave them the upper hand at the break 6-1.

Eyre United started the second break but the ball see sawed either end before Lock shot a couple quick goals. Eyre United quickly responded with beautiful drive and direction from Pugsley for Eyre United.

The breeze picked up slightly and the temperature dropped making conditions more pleasant to play. Great intercept in the Lock goal circle by Fatchen but quickly turned over again by Lock. Persistence by the young Eyre United side before another goal finally scored for them.

Both ends tighten the defence making it hard to score but Lock's height in the goal circle meant they were able to rebound easily and send the ball down to their goalies who rewarded them.

Masson for Eyre United was having a great tussle with Morton and picked up a few intercepts. Lock's talk on the court built and the drive out from defence sent it down for the goalies to shoot a couple quick goals.

Lock's centre Hurrell continually driving and feeding the goalies well. Eyre United had a few unforced errors which Lock capitalised on and finished the second quarter 18-4.

Lock made changes which quickly paid off scoring a couple quick goals with great movement and driving the ball down.

Eyre United's defence continually trying but Lock too strong. Eyre United had more unforced errors before goaling again.

The Wing defences in Masson and Pearce for both teams playing a strong defence game and picking up a couple intercepts each and any loose balls.

Strong hands with rebounds by Fatchen for Eyre United but miscommunication meant it turned over quickly and Lock capitalised on every opportunity. A quick goal to each team before the quarter ended Lock up 32-7 at three quarter time.

Lock's Wright and Pearce Had a great intercept each and sent the ball quickly down to the goalies who shot well. Patience with Eyre United's attack before they scored a long bomb through Stratford. Lock's defensive pressure lifted and created errors for Eyre United.

The switch of goalies for Eyre United meant young Fauser worked the baseline and shot a close range goal. Lock were patient getting the ball in and their goalies rewarded their efforts.

Scores were Lock 46 to Eyre United 10. Best players were Pearce For Lock and Masson for Eyre United.

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